Saturday, June 8, 2013

So many new books, baseball all the time....and Always Consequences

     There are many new wonderful books that have came out or are about to come out. I'm anxiously awaiting a few ARC's and currently have many books to read. Of course, when life is baseball, baseball, and more baseball.... you get a little behind.
    One of those books I recently read was "Always Consequences" by A. H. Browne.

 What happens when your young, beautiful, and self-centered?  In this book we meet a young woman, Cassie, who's biggest though is having the birthday bash of a lifetime, and guess what, she does. It's so big, and so great, that it catches the eye's of a terrorist organization who decided it's the perfect setting for a mass kidnapping. Umar is the leader of this organization and the beautiful Cassie catches his eye. He says she's his, but is she? Umar puts her through many different types of physical and psychological abuse.  He is a control freak extraordinaire and wants to posses Cassie mind, body, and soul. Then enters Vincent, Umar's second in command. Something draws her to him.  Will he be her knight in shining armor or her next torturer? Will he expose her to a mind game that not even Umar is capable of? What will be next for Cassie and has she found a life that is as good as it will get?
    This book is not for the faint at heart. There are so many twists and turns and psychological and physical abuses that it may deter some readers. I found that it gave the book heart, instead of fluff. This could happen in our world today, so it has a scary realistic feel to it. I'm hoping for a sequel that will lead to a happy ending, but as with life, there are always choices, and Always Consequences.

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