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Cover Reveal: Created Book 4 The Talented Series by Sophie Davis

The Talented Series:

Talented-   Talia is an orphan taken in by the Director of the Agency, Max, and his wife, Gretchen. She has no family and witnessed the murder of her parents. Talia is Talented though. She is an elite level manipulator. She also destroyed a hotel room, making the murders unrecognizable.
     Talia finds her first friend in Donavon, the son of Max and Gretchen. He is a few years older and becomes her rock to cling to, her calm in the storm of emotions.  Over time they friendship evolves, it's now romantic and has been for several years.  Donavon is Talia's first and only love, but those closest to us are able to hurt us the most.
     Donavon's betrayal leaves Talia reeling. How could she not know there was another girl in his bed when he was confessing his love to her?  She leveled his cabin with her powers and narrowly pulled out before killing anyone.  How does one come back from the only hold they have to control? What or who will she cling to now?
     The love that was always there. Eric is Talia's teammate. He has been fighting his feelings for Talia, but the first time he met her he knew there was something there. The pulses when they touch are uncontrollable.  Talia knew she was developing feelings for Eric, but she loved Donavon and now that he has betrayed her how will she learn to trust again?

Caged- Talia has been hurt during her solo mission. Ian Crane was not killed, instead he left her with questions burning in her mind. "You have no idea what your Agency does to innocent people." She almost died trying to escape the mission. She's had to relearn to walk, overcome her injuries, and is now left with debilitating seizures. What is causing them? Can they find a cure?
     She's been away from everyone for 9 months. She doesn't know how her relationship with Eric stands and is desperately missing her friend, Penny. Her only out is to help Max try to find the spy in the Agency. Now she is stuck teaching at the school with Donavon. The fireworks explode, but then start to simmer. Can they make a friendship work? Talia misses him, but can never trust him. Friendship is the only way for them to be around each other, but does Donavon want more? He still loves her, but then there's Eric.

Hunted-   The answers are coming together. Something isn't right with what the Agency has been telling Talia. Her health is deteriorating instead of getting better. Is it insanity or something more? As Eric starts to call in favors they get more answers and none of them are in line with what the Agency has told her.
    It's a question of morals. How does one rip a child from their mother? How do you fall in line when the Agency has committed murder? It's up to Eric and Talia to help her friend and the woman who helped break her heart. When Erics in trouble can she count on the person she sought revenge on for killing her parents? Can he help her to keep the only person that holds her sanity together alive?
And the book we are all waiting for: 
Created is the Fourth and Final book in the bestselling Talented Saga by Sophie Davis.  Check out her other books, the latest news, and all of her exciting events and giveaways at


When Talia runs away from the only life she’s ever known, she could have never fathomed the lengths to which the Agency will go to get her back. But if the Agency Director- the man who raised her, trained her, and made Talia who she is- can’t have her, he wants her eliminated. Now those she once considered friends are bona fide enemies, ruthless in their pursuit of her. 

Talia aligns herself with Ian Crane, the man she’d always believed was responsible for her parents’ murders. With Crane’s forces at her disposal, Talia sets off on her most personal mission yet: rescuing the love of her life from the Agency. But she never imagines that going after him will plunge the nation into chaos. 

Retribution for the lives of her parents is no longer enough for Talia. She wants justice for every innocent affected by the Agency’s greed. But she soon realizes she is actually at the center of two wars- one with them and one with herself. 

Talia can no longer trust the one thing that has never failed her. Her Talents are growing stronger by the day and she’s already losing control. Defeating the Agency will save countless lives, but triumph over the manufactured power within her will preserve her sanity. 

The Agency will stop at nothing to perpetuate their propaganda- that the Coalition is the enemy. 

Crane will do anything to expose the truth- that the Agency has been creating Talents for decades. 

Her world, her life, her future with the only person who remains true… the Agency stole everything. Now, Talia will sacrifice the little she has left to reclaim what’s hers.

Book Name: Created (Talented Saga #4)

Author: Sophie Davis

Release date: September 2013

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal/ Dystopian Romance

Formats: eBook & Paperback

Other Novels: The Talented Saga: Talented, Hunted, Caged, Captivated, Created; The Nightmares Trilogy: Pawn, Sacrifice, Checkmate; The Blind Barriers Serials: Blind Barriers, Courting Chaos, Fragile Fa├žade

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Book Blast: The Island by Jen Minkman

Book Info-
Title-The Island
By- Jen Minkman
Publication Date-June 1, 2013
*Novella* (80 pages)
Genre- YA Dystopian

‘I walk toward the sea. The endless surface of the water extends to the horizon, whichever way I look.

Our world is small. We are on our own, and we only have ourselves to depend on. We rely on the Force deep within us, as taught to us by our forefathers.

If I were to walk westward from here, I would come across a barrier – the Wall.
Behind it, there are Fools. At least, that’s what everyone says.
I have never seen one.’

Leia lives on the Island, a world in which children leave their parents to take care of themselves when they are ten years old. Across this Island runs a wall that no one has ever crossed. The Fools living behind it are not amenable to reason – they believe in illusions. That’s what The Book says, the only thing left to the Eastern Islanders by their ancestors.
But when a strange man washes ashore and Leia meets a Fool face to face, her life will never be the same. Is what she and her friends believe about the Island really true?

Or is everyone in their world, in fact, a Fool?

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Cover Reveal:" Bound by Grace" by Mia Natal


Brock Waters had his life planned out. Marry his childhood sweetheart and raise a family, but when tragedy hits home he loses the one girl he thought he would love forever. Heartbroken and scorned he joined the United States Marine Corp. While serving his country he hardened his heart vowing never to allow his heart to get emotionally involved until fate steps in.

Grace Steele has spent her whole life running. She ran from her family. Tired of being overlooked by her older brothers, she set out to find herself. What she encountered was her worst nightmare. She found herself in an abusive relationship that led her down a path of drugs and alcohol. Fearing for her life she ran to the one place she knew she would be safe. Home. She vowed never to fall in love again until she meets Brock. 
Can Grace fight the strong attraction she feels for Brock? Will Brock be able to break thru her walls and help her find her way back to love? Brock will move heaven and Earth to prove that he is eternally bound by Grace.

Mia Natal Social Links

Author Bio:
I was born and raised in the Bronx and moved to Port St Lucie, Florida nine years ago.  I am the youngest of three children.  We are a very dysfunctional family, but it was fun growing up in that chaotic environment.   I met my once in a lifetime, Edgar love in college.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Health.  I’ve been married twenty-three years and have two children.  I have always had a passion for reading and writing short stories.  With the support and encouragement of my husband I decided to write my first novel, Tormented.  It was a struggle but fulfilling at the same time.  I plan to continue to writing.  I’m not looking for fame but sharing my stories. 
It’s hard writing a biography about oneself because it almost sounds like your tooting your own horn. Anyone who knows me would say I’m nerdy and in a way I am but nerds can be cool, funny and sexy. (I’m just saying.)  I’m currently working on Bound by Grace.  I like the characters.  Grace is fiery and quick-witted.  She’s not afraid to speak her mind or stand up for herself and Brock loves to get her riled up.  Every day I learn something new as a writer.  I hope readers enjoy my stories as much as I enjoy writing them.

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Review: The Singing River by R. K. Ryals

Sometimes life gives us the people that help us with the situations it hands us. We don't always know it when we meet them, but sometimes we feel the connection that brings us together. That is what "The Singing River" is about, connections and how we shape each others lives.

Responsibility is a Bitch...The South is still stuck on old money, blue blood, and the wrong side of the tracks. The wealth groups and classes don't mix, it's always been that way, especially for the Braydens. With their father murdered a year ago, River went off to Harvard and Roman lives with their stepmother Marissa. Roman's life is in shambles. He's flunking school, on drugs, and gotten a girl pregnant. It's time that River confronts not only his demons, but the ones haunting his brother. Neither can forget the way their father died.

A chance meeting... Haven and her mother struggle day to day. The only thing keeping them fed and with a roof over their heads is Haven's minimum wage job at the local Dairy Bar. Things are tough, her dad took off when she was 10 and left her to help pick up the pieces with her mother. While at work she meets River and Ramon. The two brothers are fighting and the police are called. Somehow a connection is made and River can't get the blond haired girl with the amazing green eyes out of his head.

A piece of luck....Haven's mother goes for a job interview and gets a job that will turn things around. She also meets Uncle Marley Brayden who is writing a book about the Death Song a legend of an entire tribe marching to their death in the river. It is agreed with Haven's mother and Uncle Marley Brayden that Haven will go along on the expedition to the river.

A coincidence that will change lives....River has had enough of Roman's way and is going to straighten him up one way or another. Their going with Uncle Marley to the river, where there are no pills and no distractions, for Roman that is. When the big black truck pulls up Haven sees River is the driver. There's excitement and trepidation. The pull is magnetic. Who is this girl? Does he just need an escape? Will Roman pull it together? Is the song real or legend?

I stepped toward her. “You have a way of making people relate to you.”

She snorted. “I doubt that.”

I was in front of her now, my face peering down into hers. “Really, you do. A few hours of knowing you feels like days.”
“Sounds tiresome,” she teased.

“It’s a gift,” I countered.
There were sudden lines in her forehead, a troubled look in her eye. “Some might call it a curse,” she murmured. “By the end of this trip, you’ll want me gone.”

It was my turn to frown, my gaze studying her face. She had green eyes so dark they could be mistaken for brown and lashes so long they almost touched her brows. True, she was more willowy than curvy, but she was beautiful in an understated, elegant kind of way. The faint freckles on the bridge of her nose drove me crazy.
“Why do you think that?” I asked.

There was something stark and open about her eyes when she answered, “Because I am better at being abandoned than I am at keeping people.”

This book will pull at you emotionally. I felt a connection to all the characters. You will feel the joy of young love fighting against the odds. The sadness of loss of life and handling of grief. The fear of the unknown and warring emotions of things beyond your control.
The match between Haven and River is one of need, understanding, and desire. Haven is the compliment the whole Brayden family needs and the Brayden family is the bond that Haven needs to share. She's been alone and in control too long. Her constant need to help makes the connections strong as they are in need of the help she offers.  I await to see if there is a sequel for the ending and to see if Haven and River reunite after college.  Will Roman find his justice and will River escape his responsibilities? Was River actually there to hurt Haven or rescue her from her life of despair?

Add The Singing River To Your TBR List on Goodreads -

About The Author:

R. K. Ryals is a scatterbrained mother of three whose passion is reading whatever she can get her hands on. She makes her home in Mississippi with her husband, three daughters, a Shitzsu named Tinkerbell, and a coffeepot she couldn't live without.


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Author's Character Profile: Kober from Dark Illusions: The Beginning

Let's get to know one of the most talked about individuals of the series, first. I never thought it would be him, but meet: Kober

Kober is of the Vakava clan in the Dark Illusions Series, by A.H. Browne. He is ... a gentleman, first and foremost. 

I won't go into much about his clan since it's in DARK ILLUSIONS: THE NEXT CHAPTER and because the book hasn't been released, I don't want to spoil it for you! :)

What I can tell you, that you've already figured out about the clan, is that they are the scorned clan. The clan who resemble more than any other, what one would typically think of most Vampires. They have no hair, have a bit of a point to their ears, and people consider them ugly. 

Not Kat. 
Kat holds a special place within for Kober. Always believing he is the most beautiful of the Awakened.

Kober came to Julian when Julian was in a very bad place and needed someone most. As you can tell with Kober's character, he is always at peace and mellow. There is no telling what lies beneath that surface, but he has learned through many centuries, how to tame the beast which resides in him and you will not find him exploding too many times. If, at all. 

Kober is an extraordinary Vakava and Awakaned because though he too, has the ability to shape-shift into a wolf. He doesn't wish to. He finds it something deplorable and would rather use other means to take down an opponent. With Kober, however, and the Vakava clan, when they do a partial shift, they can extend their fingers and nails, into that of long claws to strike out at their opponents. Many see them as nothing more than informants, or sewer rats, but always remember that those rats are much smarter than one gives them credit for. They are also highly dangerous creatures when they team up. 

Preferring the dark shadows to avoid being seen--as they too believe themselves monsters--Kober prefers to study versus interact. He is a watcher. You won't know he's there, but trust me: he is. 

There is always something special and underlying between Kober and Kat. He loves her. Beyond loves her. He would risk everything for her. Nobody has any idea just how deep that loves resides within him. It never stops. He has never found anyone--an angel--like her. 

Secret: Something that some catch on about, but that I decided when I first wrote about Kober, was the contractions. When I write Kober, you will not find (I sure hope I don't miss one!) him using contractions. He takes great care in the words he uses, delighting in the more "distinguished" usage of words, over casual talk. That never changes for him. He doesn't care what century, or time, he lives in. As far as he is concerned: one must only speak the words they need, and no more. 

He is truly one of my favorites simply because I have to focus so much on his mannerisms and words he chooses. It tests me. I love it. 

Kober has a special talent above the rest of the clan, which is that of empathy. He is a bit of a psychic in many ways. He doesn't use that ability unless needed, but as with all the Awakened, he can use it--if he chooses--to manipulate humans into doing as he wishes. He can get in your head and tell you things about yourself you didn't even know.

For an actual image, I won't post them here, but instead, I will link them in case you want to keep your image of what Kober can be in your mind solid. But, here is a good list of pictures that represent what I had in mind for the character of Kober.


I picture him as a combination of the three of those images.
Meet A. H. Browne:

Charismatic Goddess and Butt-Kickin Billionairess in the making.
Author of Paranormal Suspense, Supernatural, Fantasy Novels, and occasionally regular ol' Suspense. Entrepreneur, Business Mogul.
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I am a rebel. I don't follow rules. I am terrible with authority. I question everything I am told. I take on people many sizes larger than I am. My temper is quick to start and quick to die. I am in love with who I am and wouldn't change a thing. I am a positive person. I believe everything happens for a reason. I am a girly girl. I am a tomboy. I am strong. I am gentle. I am outspoken. I am quiet. I am outgoing. I am reserved. I am always learning. I will never stop. I am charismatic. I cry over dumb things. I don't cry over big things. I am ridiculous. I am a dork. I kick butt. I am quirky. I am unperfect. I am fiercely protective of people. I am sarcastic. I am bubbly. I stick my foot in my mouth. I forget little things. I remember big things. I am happy. I am additive. I love my life. I wouldn't change anything. I am not afraid to be wrong. I am a mystery.

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Cover Reveal: The Singing River by R. K. Ryals

In Mississippi, there's a legend about a Singing River, a tragic love story that ended with an entire Indian tribe singing a death chant as they marched stoically into the Pascagoula River to die ... 


At eighteen, Haven Ambrose isn't just a high school graduate. In her head, she's an aspiring writer, a traveler, a chef, a slayer of injustice, an astronomer, an archaeologist, and the love child of a famous, rich musician. But reality is harsher. Reality is overdue bills, a crumbling trailer, an absent father, an old addiction, and a hot, crushing summer that may end in disappointment.  
For twenty year-old River Brayden, life seems good, but appearances can be deceiving. The oldest son of a wealthy family, he has finished his first year at Harvard to return home for the summer only to discover his younger brother headed down an unforgiving road.
They will be drawn together by a song. For during the late summer, they say the Pascagoula death chant can still be heard near the Singing River. Its call is haunting, its chant a testament of love and sacrifice. It calls to some ... beckoning.

Add The Singing River To Your TBR List on Goodreads -
I stepped toward her. “You have a way of making people relate to you.”
She snorted. “I doubt that.”
I was in front of her now, my face peering down into hers. “Really, you do. A few hours of knowing you feels like days.”
“Sounds tiresome,” she teased.
“It’s a gift,” I countered.
There were sudden lines in her forehead, a troubled look in her eye. “Some might call it a curse,” she murmured. “By the end of this trip, you’ll want me gone.”
It was my turn to frown, my gaze studying her face. She had green eyes so dark they could be mistaken for brown and lashes so long they almost touched her brows. True, she was more willowy than curvy, but she was beautiful in an understated, elegant kind of way. The faint freckles on the bridge of her nose drove me crazy.
“Why do you think that?” I asked.
There was something stark and open about her eyes when she answered, “Because I am better at being abandoned than I am at keeping people.”

R. K. Ryals is a scatterbrained mother of three whose passion is reading whatever she can get her hands on. She makes her home in Mississippi with her husband, three daughters, a Shitzsu named Tinkerbell, and a coffeepot she couldn't live without.
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Choices Blog Tour

Blog Tour: Choices by Sydney Lane

Quince is a small town girl. Her bi-polar sister Katie has been the dark shadow over her shoulder her entire life/ When Quince goes to college she decides it's time to break out in a bigger city with her best friend, Tara. They go to the University of Tennessee.

The first day of school she meets the boys who will cause mass confusion, Brody and Declan.

Brody is gorgeous and too hot to handle. The electricity zooms the first time they look at each other. He is sin wrapped up in every girl's dream and he doesn't do relationships. He's been burned bad in the past. Could Quince be the girl that makes him try?

Declan is a tall, hunk of man. He's got it together and he's safe. His father is a minister and he is the fraternity chaplain. He listens when Quince talks and the conversations flow easy with him. Does it matter than there's no burn or curling toes when they kiss?

Quince can't seem to choose between the two and instead drags hearts into her indecisiveness. No one walks away without being hurt and just when she has chosen, Katie makes a decision that rocks all the choices Quince has finally made.  Who can she turn to? Who will stop the pain?

 Just as I get to my car, a hand wraps around mine. I swing around, only to find Brody looking down at me. “Did you think of an answer to my question, Quince? Are you with Declan or not?”

I’m not sure why it matters to him. He’s not interested in me like that anyway. “I’m not with anyone, Brody. I’ve only known him a week. That’s not long enough to know anything about anyone.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that. I know enough about you to know that I want to get to know you better.” His voice lowers, and he leans down just close enough that I can feel his breath on my cheek. “I know enough to know that I’d like to kiss you right now. To know that if I do, it won’t be nearly enough.” His lips graze my face, just enough to let me know they are there. “I know you want to kiss me like I want to kiss you. I just don’t know the answer to my question.” If I just moved an inch, his mouth would be on mine. And I want it.

The heroine Quince is selfish from the beginning, but she is so innocent you can't be made at her. Just frustrated as she continues on her path. Her need for a friend in Declan is understandable, but there isn't romance, just friendship. Jenna to me is an enabler and Brody the drug. Jenna gives such bad advice through the whole story. I get what she is saying, but at the same time she is frustrated with Quince and still telling her that she doesn't have to choose.

"One.There is Declan. I love talking to him, and I’d do just about anything to see him smile. He is adorable, and I could really see myself in a relationship with him. Two. There is Brody. I don’t even have words to describe him or how I feel when I’m around him. I mean, Jenna, he scares me. Alex says he never goes home with the same girl twice, and he confuses me with his mood swings. I don’t know if he’d be good for me, but I’d sure like to find out. Uggghhh! What is going on with me?” I am so confused. I’ve gone from worrying that I’ll never find the right guy to worrying how I’ll choose between two of them.

Jenna looks stunned, and I’m positive it’s because that is the most she has ever heard me say about a boy. Boys. “That’s just it, Quince. You aren’t running a marathon. As long as you aren’t committed to either one, you can explore your options. But trust me on this. Don’t ever play games with them. Just don’t ever lie about what’s going on, OK?” She is so serious, I’m not sure if she made me feel better or just scared the crap out of me.

The story is about growing up and having to live with the choices that not only you make, but also the choices others make. It can be your best friend, sister, or even the jerk ex-girlfriend you've never met. Have your tissues handy because there are times you will cry with laughter, happiness, and then tears of sadness that comes from loss.

This story is appropriate for older teenagers to young adult due to the sexual situations. These are college freshman gals and fraternity boys. Be ready for a story that will make you want to read it all over again and wishing that it wasn't done.


Amazon- Kindle


Character Casting:


Brody - Henry Cavill

Declan - Dave Franco

Eric - Alex Pettyfr

Jenna - Emma Stone

Quincy- Rachel Bilson
Choices by Sydney Lane


Author Bio:


Sydney Lane lives in Nashville, TN with her husband and children. Growing up in Smalltown, USA, Sydney dreamed of being a writer. After spending an obscene amount of money to go to college, Sydney finally decided to follow her heart. With her babies in bed and husband neglected, she worked by the light of her laptop and wrote Choices. Sydney is very active in charity work for anti-bullying and depression awareness groups.


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Hinder – Thing For You

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Jason Aldean (ft. Kelly Clarkson) – Don’t You Wanna Stay

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Rihanna ft Mikky Ekko – Stay


This only song that isn’t on there is Rihanna ft Mikky Ekko – Stay


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