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Author's Character Profile: Kober from Dark Illusions: The Beginning

Let's get to know one of the most talked about individuals of the series, first. I never thought it would be him, but meet: Kober

Kober is of the Vakava clan in the Dark Illusions Series, by A.H. Browne. He is ... a gentleman, first and foremost. 

I won't go into much about his clan since it's in DARK ILLUSIONS: THE NEXT CHAPTER and because the book hasn't been released, I don't want to spoil it for you! :)

What I can tell you, that you've already figured out about the clan, is that they are the scorned clan. The clan who resemble more than any other, what one would typically think of most Vampires. They have no hair, have a bit of a point to their ears, and people consider them ugly. 

Not Kat. 
Kat holds a special place within for Kober. Always believing he is the most beautiful of the Awakened.

Kober came to Julian when Julian was in a very bad place and needed someone most. As you can tell with Kober's character, he is always at peace and mellow. There is no telling what lies beneath that surface, but he has learned through many centuries, how to tame the beast which resides in him and you will not find him exploding too many times. If, at all. 

Kober is an extraordinary Vakava and Awakaned because though he too, has the ability to shape-shift into a wolf. He doesn't wish to. He finds it something deplorable and would rather use other means to take down an opponent. With Kober, however, and the Vakava clan, when they do a partial shift, they can extend their fingers and nails, into that of long claws to strike out at their opponents. Many see them as nothing more than informants, or sewer rats, but always remember that those rats are much smarter than one gives them credit for. They are also highly dangerous creatures when they team up. 

Preferring the dark shadows to avoid being seen--as they too believe themselves monsters--Kober prefers to study versus interact. He is a watcher. You won't know he's there, but trust me: he is. 

There is always something special and underlying between Kober and Kat. He loves her. Beyond loves her. He would risk everything for her. Nobody has any idea just how deep that loves resides within him. It never stops. He has never found anyone--an angel--like her. 

Secret: Something that some catch on about, but that I decided when I first wrote about Kober, was the contractions. When I write Kober, you will not find (I sure hope I don't miss one!) him using contractions. He takes great care in the words he uses, delighting in the more "distinguished" usage of words, over casual talk. That never changes for him. He doesn't care what century, or time, he lives in. As far as he is concerned: one must only speak the words they need, and no more. 

He is truly one of my favorites simply because I have to focus so much on his mannerisms and words he chooses. It tests me. I love it. 

Kober has a special talent above the rest of the clan, which is that of empathy. He is a bit of a psychic in many ways. He doesn't use that ability unless needed, but as with all the Awakened, he can use it--if he chooses--to manipulate humans into doing as he wishes. He can get in your head and tell you things about yourself you didn't even know.

For an actual image, I won't post them here, but instead, I will link them in case you want to keep your image of what Kober can be in your mind solid. But, here is a good list of pictures that represent what I had in mind for the character of Kober.


I picture him as a combination of the three of those images.
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