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Cover Reveal: Created Book 4 The Talented Series by Sophie Davis

The Talented Series:

Talented-   Talia is an orphan taken in by the Director of the Agency, Max, and his wife, Gretchen. She has no family and witnessed the murder of her parents. Talia is Talented though. She is an elite level manipulator. She also destroyed a hotel room, making the murders unrecognizable.
     Talia finds her first friend in Donavon, the son of Max and Gretchen. He is a few years older and becomes her rock to cling to, her calm in the storm of emotions.  Over time they friendship evolves, it's now romantic and has been for several years.  Donavon is Talia's first and only love, but those closest to us are able to hurt us the most.
     Donavon's betrayal leaves Talia reeling. How could she not know there was another girl in his bed when he was confessing his love to her?  She leveled his cabin with her powers and narrowly pulled out before killing anyone.  How does one come back from the only hold they have to control? What or who will she cling to now?
     The love that was always there. Eric is Talia's teammate. He has been fighting his feelings for Talia, but the first time he met her he knew there was something there. The pulses when they touch are uncontrollable.  Talia knew she was developing feelings for Eric, but she loved Donavon and now that he has betrayed her how will she learn to trust again?

Caged- Talia has been hurt during her solo mission. Ian Crane was not killed, instead he left her with questions burning in her mind. "You have no idea what your Agency does to innocent people." She almost died trying to escape the mission. She's had to relearn to walk, overcome her injuries, and is now left with debilitating seizures. What is causing them? Can they find a cure?
     She's been away from everyone for 9 months. She doesn't know how her relationship with Eric stands and is desperately missing her friend, Penny. Her only out is to help Max try to find the spy in the Agency. Now she is stuck teaching at the school with Donavon. The fireworks explode, but then start to simmer. Can they make a friendship work? Talia misses him, but can never trust him. Friendship is the only way for them to be around each other, but does Donavon want more? He still loves her, but then there's Eric.

Hunted-   The answers are coming together. Something isn't right with what the Agency has been telling Talia. Her health is deteriorating instead of getting better. Is it insanity or something more? As Eric starts to call in favors they get more answers and none of them are in line with what the Agency has told her.
    It's a question of morals. How does one rip a child from their mother? How do you fall in line when the Agency has committed murder? It's up to Eric and Talia to help her friend and the woman who helped break her heart. When Erics in trouble can she count on the person she sought revenge on for killing her parents? Can he help her to keep the only person that holds her sanity together alive?
And the book we are all waiting for: 
Created is the Fourth and Final book in the bestselling Talented Saga by Sophie Davis.  Check out her other books, the latest news, and all of her exciting events and giveaways at


When Talia runs away from the only life she’s ever known, she could have never fathomed the lengths to which the Agency will go to get her back. But if the Agency Director- the man who raised her, trained her, and made Talia who she is- can’t have her, he wants her eliminated. Now those she once considered friends are bona fide enemies, ruthless in their pursuit of her. 

Talia aligns herself with Ian Crane, the man she’d always believed was responsible for her parents’ murders. With Crane’s forces at her disposal, Talia sets off on her most personal mission yet: rescuing the love of her life from the Agency. But she never imagines that going after him will plunge the nation into chaos. 

Retribution for the lives of her parents is no longer enough for Talia. She wants justice for every innocent affected by the Agency’s greed. But she soon realizes she is actually at the center of two wars- one with them and one with herself. 

Talia can no longer trust the one thing that has never failed her. Her Talents are growing stronger by the day and she’s already losing control. Defeating the Agency will save countless lives, but triumph over the manufactured power within her will preserve her sanity. 

The Agency will stop at nothing to perpetuate their propaganda- that the Coalition is the enemy. 

Crane will do anything to expose the truth- that the Agency has been creating Talents for decades. 

Her world, her life, her future with the only person who remains true… the Agency stole everything. Now, Talia will sacrifice the little she has left to reclaim what’s hers.

Book Name: Created (Talented Saga #4)

Author: Sophie Davis

Release date: September 2013

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal/ Dystopian Romance

Formats: eBook & Paperback

Other Novels: The Talented Saga: Talented, Hunted, Caged, Captivated, Created; The Nightmares Trilogy: Pawn, Sacrifice, Checkmate; The Blind Barriers Serials: Blind Barriers, Courting Chaos, Fragile Façade

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