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Promo: "Rendezvous with Hymeria"/ Cover Reveal: "Charred Heart"

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TITLE– Rendezvous With Hymera
AUTHOR – Melinda de Ross
GENRE – Paranormal Romance
PUBLICATION DATE – September 13, 2013
PUBLISHER Planettopia Publishing 
COVER ARTIST – Ionut Augustin Coliolu

Rendezvous Book Cover

"An impulsive decision changes her life forever. When Clara DeVine decides to take a vacation she has no idea what twists of fate she has triggered. First she has a reunion with Colin Lambert, the boy she was in love with during high school. She discovers that the tall, dark and unbelievably sexy man he had become was also reciprocating her feelings and so begins an intense, smoldering love story. In parallel with this intervenes the ghostly appearance of a mysterious woman, followed by a series of scary episodes. Strange things happen in the strange place where Clara has landed and she and her lover are constrained to find out what happened to the mystery woman. Her fate, which had been sealed by some very dangerous yoga practices, seems to be connected with the much controversial Philadelphia Experiment, a fact that is discussed only in whispers, behind closed doors."

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The horizon stretched boundless in front of her – a d├ęcor of shape and color, oscillating in a slow but permanent transformation under the calm, indulgent blue of a clear sky. As the car moved through the smoky background of the mountains, the road became more and more sinuous, the curves tighter and more frequent.

In the four hours of her journey, the June landscape gradually changed; with the increasing altitude, the green, smooth vastness of plain – punctuated by the intense yellow of a few sunflower islands – gave way to an abundance of mountainous vegetation beyond which wooded ridges filled the view, flirting to the peaks with waves of fog and snow. At that point, a sort of finis mundi, the sky and the misty crests seemed to merge into a primordial entity.

Looks like not only Hell, but Paradise also is on Earth, thought Clara, while from the audio system inside the car came the perfectly modulated notes of Alphaville’s Forever Young, conferring a nostalgic vibration to the ambiance. Stimulated by the evocative music, by the picturesque and strange beauty of the scenery, a mixture of nameless emotions gravitated in her soul. For in such moments of melancholy and reverie, one’s spirit yearns for an undefined something, in permanent search and aspiration to a fulfillment whose road or purpose almost always remain inexpressible.

Slumped on the passenger seat, which had been adjusted back as a concession to his comfort, Tony was snoring gently with his golden fur caressed by the sunlight. In the first half hour on the road, he had stood with his head out the window, tongue waving, fascinated by the sights, but even the huge energy reserves of a dog know limits.

Clara affectionately ruffled his hairy ears; then, concentrating on the route, took a slight curve, marked with a traffic sign. On the right side of the road, visibility was limited by a rocky slope, somewhat oppressive and apparently interminable. On the left, beyond the edge of a parapet stood a kind of valley, with a few huts straying in an abyss of vegetation.

After yet another curve to the right, partially hidden by the mountain and a clump of shrubs seemingly disposed in an artistic arrangement, Clara discovered a place which her imagination immediately associated with a mirror-portal to one of Monet’s impressionist paintings. A small lake, crystal clear, sprinkled with water lilies, lazily undulating over the illusions of clouds reflected in the waters. Near the shore, a small boat, archaic-looking, swayed fluidly, carried by the gentle breeze. A pretty hedge flanked the right half; on the opposite side, along shore, the exotic landscape was balanced by the rustic touch of a few cottages.

Taking advantage of the extremely light traffic, Clara slowed down and stopped on the verge of the road.

From there, fascinated by the strange charm and static grandeur of that place, she contemplated the panorama. Confused thoughts of her own existence – so often restless and not as stable as she wanted – dripped a vague nostalgia in her soul. And suddenly, boosted perhaps by the image of the path that detached itself from the main road to reach the small paradise, she made up her mind.

The end of the road was divided in two alleys, one of which ended in a small parking lot and the other, paved with an interesting gravel and marble mosaic, meandered asymmetrically in front of each cottage.

Clara got out of the car and opened the passenger door for Tony. Still heavy with sleep, the dog left the seat lazily and, for a few moments, sniffed the new surroundings. Then he stretched, shaking himself, extending his paws and tail; the ritual ended with a guttural groan and a yawn of epic proportions, during which he displayed a crocodile dentition; now, a preliminary examination of the area could begin.

The first of the seven cottages was the largest, a two-story building, having several windows and a sign that announced simply: ROSE UNIVERSAL, and below: COTTAGES FOR RENT.

The rest of the cottages were two-storied as well, but smaller, built along the shore, at distances that ensured a minimum of discretion and privacy. For an aboriginal who landed here straight from the noise and infernal pollution specific to big cities, the impression of heavenly oasis was also emphasized by an almost tangible quiet, in which the stylized solfeggios of unseen birds occasionally entwined.

Clara took off her sunshades, as the strong light was softened through a network of shadows cast by the cottages and trees surrounding them. Breathing in deeply the fragrant air, she strolled to the main building.

“Let’s go inside,” she said, addressing Tony, who was frolicking around her, chasing a butterfly.

However, before they got to the door, it opened and an old woman made her appearance. She was wearing a green dress, and had a shawl on her shoulders. Her curly grey hair was cut short, and from behind the glasses resting on her nose, a pair of very sharp eyes watched Clara.

“Hello. Are you Mrs. Rose?”

For a moment, the woman analyzed her curiously.

“Depends,” she finally answered. “If you wanna sell me something, advertise something or charge me for something, you’ve got the wrong address,” she continued brusquely and somewhat grumpily.

Clara laughed, surprised and amused.

“No, actually I came to find peace and quiet. Do you have a vacant cottage?”

“Yes. If you want to rent one, you’re in the right place. I’m Rose,” said the woman, with the same sharp but now jovial tone, this time warmed with a smile. “Cute mutt you got here,” she remarked, scratching Tony’s ears; the dog collapsed ecstatically at her feet, bracing his huge paws on her shoes.

“Thank you, we think so, too. His name is Tony. Quite a place you have here!” she said admiringly. “I was just thinking it’s like a miniature version of Eden.”

“Yeah... And the least populated it is, the better! Although that’s not so good for business. Oh, well...Come in!”

The big cottage was, according to the sign above, a universal store, where you could find anything, from food to needles. The merchandise was arranged on shelves, and along the right wall was a massive walnut desk, a chair and a small portable TV.

“You’re well supplied,” remarked the young woman. “But who buys all this stuff?”

“There’s a small village about four or five miles from here. All the folks there come to me for shopping, and I use somebody from the metropolis for supplies. It’s only thirty miles to the city, but I hate all that dust and crowds, where you always bump into weirdoes on the street,” said Rose. “For now, I’ve got only two cottages occupied; in one of them live Marie and Robert Axel and in the other one stays Mr. Garcia. The Axels both work in the city, and the old man, a fanatical botanist, wanders all day long through the wilderness searching for unusual plants. The funny thing is he often gathers the most common weeds,” she added, as if to herself. “Oh, and other times he sits on the shore or floats in the boat and pretends to fish.”

“Why do you say he pretends?”

“Cause I never saw any fish caught by him.”

While speaking, Rose took out a register book from a desk drawer. After she informed Clara of the renting fee, the latter decided to stay a month for starters.

“Got an ID? I have to know who I’m hosting, don’t I?”

Clara rummaged through her bag and gave the old lady her passport and the required money.

“Clara DeVine,” read Rose, noting the data in the register, then she analyzed her skeptically over the top of her glasses. “You’re twenty-six?” she asked incredulously. “I wouldn’t have granted you more than eighteen.”

“Thanks for the compliment,” replied the young woman, smiling, although the tone of Rose’s remark wasn’t necessarily flattering.

“Sign here, please, and I’ll show you to your temporary residence.”

After she signed, Clara followed her outside. Her cottage, the third in line, was placed at a convenient distance from the others. It was roomy enough, with a small garden in the back, surrounded by a colorful hedge. Near the back entry, a table and two chairs that appeared to have been woven from twigs supplemented the decor.

Inside was dark, pleasantly cool, and the air carried an intimate and unmistakable fragrance of freshly polished wood. The cottage consisted of a living area, simply furnished with a massive couch, a coffee table and, in the opposite corner, a TV incorporated in a small bookcase; on its shelves were scattered a few books and magazines.

On the left, next to the couch, a staircase led up to the bedroom, and on the right, there was a crescent-shaped bar. Behind it was a limited a kind of kitchenette. In the center of the living area, on the polished walnut floor, reigned a unique-looking rug, manufactured, in all appearance, from what had once been an enormous bear.

When Clara headed to the stairs for an inspection of the upper floor, Tony remained to smell the bear fur, intrigued and cautious. Although he was an impressively built Golden Retriever, courage wasn’t his strong suit, and the nickname Brave heart, with which his mistress sometimes teased him, was an obscure mystery for him.

The bedroom, she noted with delight, was furnished as simple as the rest: a huge bed, hedonistic-looking, a nightstand on each side of it, a closet and a small desk in a corner. In the opposite corner, a door led to the bathroom.

During this inspection, Rose remained in the living area with Tony. When Clara descended the stairs, the old lady raised her eyebrows and watched her over the top of her glasses.


“I like it!” exclaimed Clara excitedly. “It’s exactly what I wanted.”

“Well, then, I’ll leave you to get settled. If you need anything, you know where to find me.”

“Thanks, Mrs. Rose,” she said, as the old woman headed to the exit. Once she reached the door, Rose turned around.

“I hope Tony’s got impeccable… hygienic manners!”

“Definitely. He’s extremely well educated and clean. We won’t cause any trouble, I promise.”

“All right, then. Enjoy your stay!”

Left only with Tony, Clara remembered her travel bag, which she had left in the trunk of her car, and returned to the parking lot to recover it. Although initially she had intended to stay for a few days in one of the metropolis’ comfortable hotels, she didn’t regret in the least the decision to stay a while in this isolated paradise. Getting back to the refuge of shadows and coolness of the cottage, she climbed the stairs loaded with luggage and entered the bedroom, where Tony already seemed to feel at home.

The first things she unpacked were the plastic bowl especially imprinted with the spoiled quadruped’s name, his food, the small bag containing her cosmetic products and a bathrobe. And because a small amount of discipline never hurts, the dog had to eat on the veranda. With this matter solved, the young woman decided it was time to take care of herself, as she felt the passive fatigue of the road in every muscle. Not having an established schedule or a certain destination in mind, she had started her journey late, in her own comfortable rhythm, which she preferred. Although it was just past 7 p.m., after she relaxed, taking a long and very hot shower, the monotonous humming of insects and the conifers’ fragrance were the last things she noticed before falling asleep, with Tony curled on a rug near the bed.


Rendezvous Author Photo 

Anca-Melinda Coliolu was born on the 4th of July 1986 in Alexandria, Romania. She graduated a Mathematics high school, has a Law degree and has been a professional target shooter for ten years, being a multiple National Champion and holds a National Record at this sport. She has been working as a journalist since high school until present, writing for several newspapers. She is married to Ionut-Augustin Coliolu and currently lives in Romania.


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Review: "Devil's Kiss Trilogy"/ Cover Reveal: "The Will to Love"


Book: Devil’s Kiss Trilogy

Author: Gemma James

Genre:  Dark Erotica

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Includes all three novellas in the DEVIL'S KISS TRILOGY: 




“Who am I, Kayla?”

I met his gaze—maniacal eyes possessing me—and shuddered. My heart feared him, but the gate of my sexual need was manned by him, owned by him. And he knew it.

“You’re my Master.”

Kayla Sutton faces a question no mother wants to face: what would you do to save your daughter? Broke and desperate, she siphons thousands from the company she works for in order to pay for her daughter’s life-saving treatment, but when Gage Channing discovers her theft, she is shocked to learn that her domineering boss has no intention of turning her over to the police. Instead he issues an ultimatum—submit to him, or go to jail.

As her daughter’s life hangs in the balance, Kayla must dig deep to find the strength to fully submit, to travel down the path of pain and pleasure. But when her past catches up to her, prompting a free fall into forbidden territory with a man she once fiercely loved, she knows her only recourse is to come clean about her transgression and beg her Master’s forgiveness . . . only she never imagined he’d have such a horrifying punishment awaiting her.

She faced sexual servitude in Ultimatum. In Enslaved she was seduced into craving it. Now she must find the strength to either accept the part of her that craves him still, or walk away for good . . .


**NOTE TO READERS: THE DEVIL’S KISS TRILOGY is a novel with a BDSM edge and contains material that is only suitable for adult readers. If dark and edgy erotic fiction isn’t your kind of read, you might not enjoy this story. Approximately 52,000 words.**

What sins would you consider to save your child?
Prostitution of a different sort?
Kayla is at a cross roads. Her daughter is dying and like many she falls through the crack of the insurance company. She skims the line of right and wrong and gets caught with her hand in the cookie jar. Unfortunately for her, she's already caught the eye of her boss and he's been waiting for his chance to play.
Hold on to your grey tie Christian, there's a new boss in town..
Meet Gage Channing!
He's gorgeous, he's wealthy, he's successful,
He's alpha to the extreme and this Dom is to die for.
Gage has noticed the looks from afar. He's noticed Kayla isn't the typical office slut. This can all go one of two ways, very badly or very good.
When the men from Kayla's past start to come out of the shadows everything becomes more than complicated. With them they bring secrets and betrayals.
This book has more twists and turns that a country road. Kayla may turn into an excellent Sub, but she has the strength that only a mother can muster to protect her young. When the contract is void, so is her heart and soul. If she would admit to caring it would make her more like Gage than she wants to admit.
  She's broken, destroyed, unworthy.
This was an excellent read and I devoured it!  I was hooked from the first chapter. It's the type of book that you know your instantly going to love. It's not just an erotic, this book is full of suspense. Truly, you never know what is going to happen in the next chapter.
This isn't a book with kink and a little story.
This is a book with a story and kink and the story is excellent.
This is a  5 star read !
Forget Christian and Anna,
Gage and Kayla take it to a whole new level.
Vegas will never seem the same again.

Author Bio:

Gemma James (a pseudonym for Christina Jean Michaels) loves to explore the darker side of sex in her fiction. She's morbidly curious about anything dark and edgy and enjoys exploring the deviant side of human nature. Her stories have been described as being "not for the faint of heart."

She lives with her husband and their four children—three rambunctious UFC/wrestling-loving boys and one girl who steals everyone’s attention.

Follow her online as Christina Jean Michaels so you don't miss out on future releases:


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Review & GIVEAWAY: "Still Human"/ Review & GIVEAWAY: "Ripping Pages"


Danny and Liv are back...
Danny loves Liv. He knows he loves her more than she loves him because she ran without a word when she saw their future mapped out before her. He knows he will never love anyone like he loved her and this time he doesn’t think he can move on.
Liv loves Danny. She knows she loves him more than he loves her because he broke her heart in the worst possible way, right when things were falling into place. She knows she will never love anyone like she loves him and this time she doesn’t think she can move on.
They needed a second chance because they just weren’t ready for their first, but when events changed everything between them, they discovered they were just human after all. Now Liv and Danny have to find a way to survive being hurt by each other. 
They doubted, they underestimated and they did believe the worst, but only because they were too young the first time and too vulnerable the second time. But now they have changed and if they are not the same, surely things can only turn out differently?

Have you ever thought of your first love? Your first loss?

What if you lost that love once again? Could you survive it the second time?

The third times a charm, but would it destroy you leaving nothing behind?
 I can't say enough about this series and this book in particular. You see this isn't just a love story as in boy meets girls. No, this story is much deeper. It's rooted, not just with their tree, but with the friendships that have resulted from the after affects of Danny and Liv's young heartbreak. This isn't just their story anymore. This is also the story of Danny & Jen and Liv & Max. It's a story of what it is to truly love someone full on. To be able to accept mistakes, move-on, to learn to love again, and to appreciate the people who were there when we fall.

This book is SO full of emotion and just when you think the story is wrapping up well........SURPRISE!! It's a real tear jerker.

I love that this book isn't a cookie cutter version of a couple. They are tormented because of each other. They have turned into who they are because of each other. They will go to the ends of earth and through every inch of hell imaginable to be with each other. If ever there was a couple who deserved a "happily ever after" it's Danny and Liv, but everytime they get there one of them bring their insecurity to the table and it's just enough to create havoc.

"You are always rooted her with me."

"I am always rooted here with you."

This book left we smiling, crying, and still trying to make the page turn even when I knew it was the end. It's the kind of story that leaves you happy and satisfied. It lightens your mood knowing there is true love out there, and not just the romantic type.
**It's a 5 star read**
Tattoos to Trees,
Best friends to Lovers,
Children to Man & Wife.

About the Author
Terrible wife
Mediocre mother
Appalling housewife
Fashion graduate
Wedding coordinator
Sex toy salesperson
Shop manager Designer
Font collector
Romance addict
Fancier of nice men
Ok, fancier of almost all men
Awesome cupcake baker
Incessant singer
Film buff


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Review & GIVEAWAY: "Let Love Heal" by Melissa Collins/ Cover Reveal & GIVEAWAY: "Breathless"/ Sale: "Trust Me"

Let Love Heal Release Day Even Banner 


Perfection. We all strive for it, but what happens when the desire to be perfect consumes you? What happens when the need to bury your mistakes blinds you? Melanie Crane has always been the perfect daughter, friend, student – she’s been perfect at everything, in fact. But when she lets her insecurities, the ones that she keeps hidden from everyone, get the best of her, she falters in her pursuit of perfection. Melanie crumples under the pressure and buries her pain. Numbed by sadness and guilt, she is determined never to let anyone find out how broken she really is. Bryan Mahoney may appear to have everything in order. He’s charming, witty and completely swoon-worthy. In short, Bryan has life all figured out, but appearances can be deceiving. When the landscape of Bryan’s family changes in an instant, he’s left to pick up the pieces. Not all bruises leave a mark. Now, weary and afraid, Melanie and Bryan must find a way to let love heal their broken and jaded hearts.

Melanie has always been perfect, or at least that's what she's tried to portray. Always acting and doing what she perceives that others expect of her.  No one realizes just how low her confidence is and truly no one knows the true Melanie. If ever a true Melanie even existed or exists. What happens though when she makes a mistake that makes her un-perfect in every way?  Assumptions are dangerous things, especially when there is someone out there trying to make you believe things that aren't true in situations that are already hard.
Bryan falls in love instantly with Melanie, but he's been hurt before.  He is keeping things from her.  Combine those things with an ex-girlfriend who wants Bryan back and you get a recipe for disaster. As Bryan and Melanie's relationship flourish he begins to open up.
Will it be enough to save them?
Will Melanie make piece with her insecurities?
Can they heal?
This book flowed beautifully and goes well with the other books in the series, Let Love In and Let Love Stay. I can't say enough about how much I love these books. The stories are about relatable characters, you'll not find superficial women and men here. The friendships as well as relationships are beyond compare and weave a gut wrenching tale. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars. Have the tissue box handy and be prepared to cling to the book until the end. You won't put it down until it's finished.

                     Meet the Author Melissa Collins 2I’ve always been an avid reader. Majoring in English Literature was a no brainer. Becoming a teacher and instilling my love for reading into my students was also a no brainer. I’ve spent the last ten years teaching and I’ve loved (mostly) every minute of it. When I was home on maternity leave for my third son, I discovered a new genre that sparked my creativity. My passion for writing sprang from my love of reading and once I knew I had a story to tell, I couldn’t wait to get it out there. I only hope that my readers enjoy reading my story as much as I enjoyed writing it.                     Excerpt
Read the Prologue on:
                       Book Trailer

Let Love Heal by Melissa Collins from The BookChick on Vimeo.

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Title: Breathless (Breathe #1.5)
Author: Rachel Brookes
Genre: Adult Contemporary
Expected Release: November 26, 2013

Hosted By: Romance Addict Book Blog

One look from Savannah Rae was all it took for Tate Connors to fall.

From the first moment he laid eyes on her, his world was irrevocably shaken. He’s willing to accept that his life will never be the same again, but when she has to leave for New York the distance becomes more than either of them expected.

Tate is left alone with not only an empty bed but also a thousand thoughts running through his head. Insecurities soar as he wonders if he could ever really be the kind of man Savannah deserves.

When the demons of his past continue to threaten the future he so desperately craves, Tate knows he has to make the ultimate choice. Risk destroying his relationship and his family with one life changing decision, or gamble on fate and hope the past stays exactly that…the past. 


Just Breathe (Breathe #1) by Rachel Brookes
B & N:

Rachel Brookes
Rachel Brookes is from a coastal town on the east coast of Australia where beaches, kangaroos and surfers roam free. She writes angsty love stories with a pinch of craziness, a dash of drama, a cup of romance and a spoonful of sexiness… oh and the main ingredient hot guys. 
Rachel sometimes forgets to eat, sometimes forgets to sleep and sometimes can’t remember the last time she cleaned her apartment but that’s because she is in a long term relationship with her laptop and is constantly writing. 
When she does step away from her laptop she can be found taking too many photos, making scrumptious cocktails, laughing at Adam Sandler movies and spending her time with her amazing family and friends. 
With her first novel, Just Breathe, was released in July 2013, her dream of releasing a book became reality. With another three books already taking up her mind, she cannot wait to start this crazy ride.


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