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Review: Fraternizing by C.C. Brown

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Sometimes rules must be broken.
Sometimes your beliefs are challenged.
Other times... you just have to follow your heart.
For Marine Corps Sgt. Alex Cruz, the Corps' rules and regulations have served as a blueprint for how he should live his life. In his mind, the way to maintaining proper conduct and order relied heavily on the ability of the individual to follow orders without question. Alex was that individual.
Pfc. Cassie Bennett.
She is brand new to the Corps, looking to cement a place in the world for herself after breaking free from the oppressive life she's lived with her mother. Making it in the Corps is her way of showing her mother that she is more than she thinks she is, while also proving to herself she can survive one of life's biggest challenges.
Both Alex and Cassie are tested when an intensely strong attraction develops between them. They feel it, they want it, but one thing stands in their way... The Marine Corps order on Fraternizing. Their lust filled thoughts, their strong and aching cravings for one another, and their conflicted minds lead them on a roller coaster of emotions and feelings that neither can ignore, no matter how hard they try.
Loyalties will be tested, hearts will be broken, and careers will hang in the balance. Can Alex and Cassie keep their forbidden relationship a secret, or will they lose it all by Fraternizing?


Cassie has been stationed in the middle of the freakin' dessert and isn't too happy about it, but it's only a matter of week so not much could happen, right? WRONG The first night she goes to the local bar and sees a gorgeous man and they lure each other in. Just after a soul searing kiss he has to leave because his bonehead friend got in a fight. She's left wondering if she'll see him again.....

Sgt. Cruz walks onto the Comm School he works at and is introduced to the new students. When he spots blonde hair, he knows, it's none other than the woman who has occupied his thoughts all weekend. The Marines are very strict on Fraternization and the situation he finds himself in just got very real and very bad.
This story has amazing characters and not just the leads all the supporting characters are very real and come to life. Cassie and Alex are why the rules were put in place to begin with, but rules were made to be broken weren't they? Both pair in this couple come from a dark, broken past. They have moved on from what they knew growing up and are making themselves better through their service of their country. The problem is they can't fight the magnetic attraction that keeps pulling them together. Once a decision is made to make a go of it while time allows, they jump feet first and throw caution to the wind. They will never expect the shit storm that wind brings back to them two fold.
I loved this book!! There was no lag in the middle, it's constant. You know what to expect and when it happens, it takes your breath away and adds elements your not expecting. There are some sensitive situations in this book and some violence, which I think made the book all the better, but may bother some readers. This is a series where I will make sure to keep up on when the next book is releasing.
This book is a 5 out of 5 star read.
You will be wanting more hot men soldiers, more bad ass women soldiers, and more drama than you could ever know what to do with.


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Meet Cindy

Author Pic         Facebook/Goodreads/Amazon Just a book reading, writing loving, mommy and USMC wife! :) I love to write, even if it isn't what is conventional and makes everyone feel giddy inside. I usually pull from dreams, or ideas that just thrust themselves into my head. I have what some would describe as a dry sense of humor, and I think its conveyed in my writing. I like to think I am a kick ass chick, but I can also be sensitive. I'm learning to grow thick skin, and in this field, it is definitely needed! I won't put anything out that I am not absolutely proud of, but like E.L. James said, "I can't own people's reactions to it." Thanks for reading my work... I do appreciate it!


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