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Review & GIVEAWAY: "After The Storm"



Alexia “Lexi” Hanson moved across the country to rebuild her life after the attack that almost destroyed her. She enjoys the simple things in her beach cottage. Life is finally complete.

Noah Matthews is Rock & Roll’s hottest star and on top of the world. After years without a break he finds the solitude he craves at his beach house. Enjoying his early morning coffee, Noah is surprised to see his neighbour sneak into his garden and crawl around.

They never saw that fateful morning coming. Someone was watching them. Someone who thought Lexi belonged to him and would stop at nothing to have her.

Lives are changed forever when they meet amongst the blooms in his garden. Even when things seem darkest, there is always light After the Storm.

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Lexi has experienced things in life that no one should have to ever go through.  The man causing the pain is locked away safely. She's moved away where no one will get to her and she can start her life anew. It's been going perfectly, that is until she finally meets the mysterious neighbor.
When a woman want nothing to do with romance and is staring at eyes that make her want to feel what should she do?
When it's the heart throb crush of a lifetime what should she do?
When he's admittedly flirting and making his interest known should it be a hard struggle?
Noah has never given much thought to settling down. His band mates are all married and some have kids, but it's not the life for him.  He needs a vacation away though, the stress is too much. When he goes out to drink his coffee overlooking his garden, he gets an eyeful and the pull is instant.
Is it the attraction worth dealing with a woman with issues?
Will he ever find out what it is that keeps her walls up?
This is an action packed, thriller type romance. There are some very vivid and disturbing scenes, but they make the story.  The creeper is definitely a creeper and oh so disturbed.  Then we have the troublesome trio. These ladies are HILARIOUS!! I love rambunctious old women and these three could put most to shame. This book is full of intrigue, romance, and comedy. Be prepared for funny looks if your reading in a room with other people because you will be laughing hysterically.
The ending wasn't what I was expecting. I like books that keep me on the edge of my seat and this book definitely did that.
This is a 5 STAR read.
Be ready for hot rock stars, naughty old ladies, and a psycho from the past.
You'll get all those and more in this story.


M. Stratton is a wife and mother who grew up in a small town north of Chicago before moving to Arizona. She is currently working in accounting for a plumbing company.

M. Stratton has spent years telling herself stories to fall asleep at night before deciding it was time to get them down on paper for the world to see. She currently has eight different stories fighting to be told. Like everyon
e else she was afraid to put the stories down and send to publishing companies. With today’s Indie market she decided now is the time.


 Things you don’t know about M. Stratton:

 1. She loves the movie Twister… she can say all the lines along with the actors. She will also use those lines in real life as often as possible.
2. Halloween is her favorite holiday. She starts planning months in advance. She has more Halloween decorations than Christmas.
3. She once made up a monologue about her love of chocolate chip cookie dough for her high school drama class.
4. There are times she thinks she is so funny she has tears running down her face while laughing at herself.
5. She is a smart ass and very sarcastic.
6. Cary Grant is her favorite actor.
7. Reading has always been an escape for her. She can devour a book in hours. When she moved in with her husband she literally donated over 1,000 books and saved over 1,000 for herself. She can reread books over and over again if she loves them. There are some that she has reread about once a year for the past 20 years.
8. She eloped after knowing her husband for only two months in 2006. They are still married, almost seven years later.


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Troublesome Trio songs:
Fever by Peggy Lee
Don't Cha by The Pussycat Dolls
*Dirrty by Christina AguileraI
 Touch Myself by the Divinyls
 *Lexi songs:Slow Ride by Bonnie Raitt
*Landslide by Fleedwood Mac
*At Last by Etta James
 *Finally Woken by Jem
Save Me by K.D. Lang


Noah songs:
 She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5Sunday
 Morning by Maroon 5
Love Somebody by Maroon 5
The Chemicals Between Us by Bush
Everything Changes by Staind

Lexi and Noah songs:
Lonely In Your Nightmare by Duran Duran
A Long Walk by Jill ScottPale
Shelter by Tears for Fears
Cross My Heart by George Strait

Creeper songs:
Secret by Maroon 5
#1 Crush by Garbage
Never Tear Us Apart by Inxs
Everybody Hurts by R.E.M.
Drifter by Siouxsie and the Banshees
Mad World by Michael Andrews
* Mentioned in book
Character Cast:

Alexia "Lexi" Hanson played by: Melissa Claire Egan
Noah Matthews played by: Adam Levine
Anthony  Maldono played by: David Gandy
Leigh Winslow played by:  Julie Christie
Evelyne Sumner played by: Olympia Dukakis
Marie Holmes played by: Faye Dunaway
Five Fun Facts:
1. I have eight tattoos, and have plans for a sleeve.
2. I love horror movies and haunted houses.
3. I got my first grey hair when I was 13, and had so many
 streaks I had to start dying my hair when I was 21.
4. I love Reeces, Kit Kats and Snickers.
 5. I love puns. I can drive people crazy with them.Giveaways