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Review: " Unexpected Protector"

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Everyone makes mistakes in life. Unfortunately, Holly Richards has become an expert at taking the wrong path in life. This time, she may have gone so far that she has alienated the one person who has always been there for her. Will she be able to make the right decision for once in her life?
Tommy Reed’s world shifted the night he found Holly Richards lying in a pool of blood on the ground. For reasons he can’t explain, he feels the need to protect Holly from her own past. In the process, he’s hoping to also teach her that there is more to D/s than releasing pent up emotions. Life isn’t easy for the former-junkie and the cop. Some of those closest to Tommy are less than thrilled with his devotion to Holly. Those who pressured Holly into her former life are worried she’ll share what she knows. Is there any way for both of them to come away from the situation unscathed?  
**First, You MUST read the first book to really understand this story. Without it you will be completely lost.**
Unexpected Protector begins where Unexpected Angel left off. This is Holly and Tommy's story though we still see Tasha and Dylan's relationship some in the story. This book is full of the consequences and what led to the night that Nick tried to take Tasha.
Holly doesn't believe she's worth anything, didn't her childhood and parents prove that too her? Then she hurt one of only two people who ever actually cared.
 How can Tasha want to help her?
 Why does Tommy keep coming to check on her?
Tommy has some hidden skeletons that most don't know about. Then there are the things he's kept hidden from everyone. While preaching forgiveness, does he need to forgive as well and would it help him to heal or will he push everyone away when things are becoming complete?
 Could Holly be the one person he lets in?
Can the help each other to heal?
This story is full of riveting emotion. It's about hitting rock bottom and finding the path to climb your way back up. Sometimes we have to rely on virtual strangers to help show us that path and by helping us they help themselves. This book still has the steam, but it has a greater depth of emotion. We really get to see Holly as a person, all the blemishes and scars of her past and why she fell so far off the path that was once so bright.
The ending to this book left me wanting to scream NOOOOO!!!, but I would have woke the whole house. Truly this morning I still can't believe how it ended and all I can say is "Hey Sloan, Hurry up with next book! I want to know what happens!"
This is a 5 STAR read through and through.
It's coming from a 5 STAR series so far. I anxiously await the other books and what will happen with the other characters.


I nod, my throat constricted by the emotion I’m not used to feeling. “Good girl,” he whispers in my ear before drawing the lobe into his mouth, sucking and nipping. He continues working his way down my neck, biting my collarbone harder than I’m used to. I jerk in surprise, but not in pain. “Don’t stop,” I beg him. My mind doesn’t seem to process the fact that he’s on the wrong end of my body to make my core clench tight. I never knew before now that it’s possible to be driven to climax without any direct contact with either my nipples or pussy. I scream his name as my head falls back, eventually allowing my head to come back to rest on his shoulder. “Such a responsive girl,” he praises me as he holds me close to him. “What about you?” I ask when my breathing returns to normal.  

Meet Sloan

Sloan is a Midwestern mom who began writing nearly seven years ago as a way to make money while staying home with her daughter. Now, with two kids in tow and having written more articles on how to assemble various pieces of furniture than she can count, she is reaching to make her dreams come true. Unexpected Angel, her debut novel, released in August 2013. Unexpected Protector is set to release November 2013. Sloan loves to hear from her readers!  

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Tasha is going out with her friends to celebrate her divorce. Her friends are tired of her sulking. She should have divorced Nick a long time ago, but she never had the strength to do it. She was emotionally hung up and afraid of the abuse that could follow.
The second the stranger tries to talk her out of meeting her friends inside for Leather & Lace night his voice has her caught. Then when she sees him, all he needs to do in reel her in. The problem, Dylan isn't one for relationships. Tasha makes him want to bend the rules, something he doesn't do.
This couple will reach the heights of heaven and depths of hell in this book as they come to be together. Just when it all going so well and you think you know what's going to could be all over.
This is a truly great book and one that I won't be forgetting anytime soon. It's full of suspense, action, and Dylan. Move over Christian Grey, there's a new Dom in town. Dylan has charisma, looks, wealth, I could keep going on, but don't need to.
This is a must read and 5 STARS from beginning to end.


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