Friday, January 10, 2014

Review: "Charred Heart" by Lizzy Ford

"Charred Heart" by Lizzy Ford is the first book in the Heart of Fire series!
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Charred Heart

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***Recommended for ages 18+ due to multiple, creative, detailed, steamy, sexy-time adult situations.***
For a thousand years, Chace has searched for a way to break the curse placed on him by a jilted lover. He’s a dragon shifter, one who can’t control when the magic will force him into a different form. He’s already lost everyone he ever cared about a few times over and doesn’t know how much longer he’s meant to suffer. At his wit’s end, he makes a deal with a mysterious figure that offers him what he wants most – an end to his misery – in exchange for everything that’s his: His life, his power. His heart. The next day, he meets Skylar, a modern day dragon slayer whose mission is to cage him – or kill him. Sexy, witty and brave, she is the yin to his yang, the woman destined to break the curse, balance his magic and make his broken heart whole. Except it’s too late. Not only has he sealed his fate, but an innocent one-night-stand with Skylar has dragged her into the middle of a deal with the devil, one she won’t escape, if he can’t convince her that dragon shifters aren’t her enemies.
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Chace has lived a long life. Longer than any other shifter he's known, that is except for Mr. Nothing. After 1,000 years and losing his last human friend he's decided it's time, time to let go. He wants to be human and will make a deal to make it become true. The problem? Dealing with Mr. Nothing, the unknown entity. Chace has assumptions about what Mr. Nothing is, but isn't sure about anything. He has assumptions about himself as well, but he is, after all, the last dragon and has no one to guide him.
When Chace meets the girl who sets his body on fire it's like nothing he's felt before. Of course, Chace doesn't have luck on his side. The girl that lights him up is none other than a dragon slayer. The slayers have been after the shifters for decades now.  A group that used to number in the hundreds is down to less than 100. Sleeping with the enemy can be a game plan, Right? Or is it betraying the one group of people he's sworn he'd protect?
As the relationship between Chace and Skylar continue, secrets are revealed, lives are turned upside down, and suspicions confirmed. This story isn't a fairy tale, it's an action packed romance with enough spice to make you swoon. Chace will be moving up the book boyfriend lists in no time and leave you scrambling to one click the next book, Charred Tears.
Sometimes our deepest desires aren't what is best for us.
 Sometimes we will regret our dreams.

Never judge a book by it's cover,


Never judge a being until you know them.
Lizzy Ford has brought us another exciting and tantalizing series. This time in the land of shifters and slayers our imagination is set to run wild. It's a story of good and evil, desire and regret, and not always wanting to know secrets once they are revealed.
This is a 5 Star read and I'm anxious to continue the series.
Will Chace and Skylar have a happily ever after?
What is the agenda for Mr. Nothing? Caleb?
Who will survive? Who will win?