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Review & GIVEAWAY: "The Replacement" by Rachael Wade

 Elise is beautiful. She demands attention when she walks in the room. The product of an a father who was only concerned with appearances and beauty and a mother who was beautiful but felt that was all she had to give the world. Watching the cruelty in her parents relationship shaped and molded her into what she is today. She is called many things: slut, whore, home wrecker, and replacement.


She doesn't do relationships. She does pleasure and has pleasured most of the town she lives in. She isn't ashamed, she owns it. She gets drunk on their desire, it excites her, but they can't whisper sweet nothings, had better not mention commitment because if they do, that's when it ends.

At the point of ending two liaisons she meets Ryder. The ungodly handsome repairman with eyes like chocolate and ink that begs to be traced. Will he become another man in her already jumbled world? Suddenly everyone wants more. More than she can give, more than she'll ever consider, a future. The only future she's planning for is Paris. She's worked doubles and saved as much as she can to get there. Every time she gets close she has to dip into the money for emergencies.

When turmoil erupts, secrets are bared, people are disappointed. Why? They know what she is. It's what she's always been. What she will always be. Never "the woman" but "the other woman". She destroys, just like her father said.

This book isn't just a romance, it's food for thought. It's about owning your choices, your mistakes, and the pain you've inflicted on others. It's about finding the light in the dark and grasping it. Not letting your past define you. Through the whole book Elise explains that she doesn't do relationships, but in reality she does. She is sleeping with men and has understandings with them, relationships but without the claim to one another. Each one gives her something the other can't yet in total she never reaches fulfillment, never feels whole. Our childhood shape us, shape how we relate to people and love. Every person in this book has their burden. The thing they have to work through. By the end of the book we learn what they are. Though the men she was with were doing wrong, I felt bad for all of them at some point in the book. All but Tim, he's an ass from word go. I'd love to know what becomes of Christian and Brad.

This is another example of the thought provoking stories that Rachael Wade is capable of. Reeling us into a life that is under some level relatable to all readers. Real characters, real flaws, and true emotions that leave you not just reading the story but feeling it until the last page.

This story is 5 stars all the way.
The Replacement will leave you feeling,
feeling hopeful, looking to the future,
and the Epilogue showing it can always be bright.

“Stop!” I shriek, thrashing on his lap like a fish out of water. “Ryder, stop!”
He digs at my hip again, sending me tumbling into an endless fit of laughter. My lungs burn because I can’t breathe and my sides ache from the exertion. I topple over and land on my side, and Ryder comes with me, sliding on top of me in one smooth, swift movement. “I think we’ve played enough games for today ,” he says, running the palms of his hands up the sides of my thighs. His thumbs roll slow, soothing circles into my skin before hooking into the sides of my panties to peel them down my legs. My laughter subsides and I look up at him, my chest heaving as I regain my breath. We lie there on the floor in a tangled heap of limbs, while the fire’s warmth gives Ryder’s face a soft glow.
 Small pops crackle from the fire and gravitate toward us, saturating the silence.
Lowering his forehead to my shoulder, Ryder kisses the skin there. “Do you feel it yet?”
“Feel what?” Desolation? Helplessness? Excitement? I feel all of those things.
“This.” Ryder’s hand slides down my chest and torso like silk, slipping beneath my skirt, easy as breathing. I gasp as his fingers slip inside of me. “Desire. The same kind I feel for you.”
“You know I do.”
 He strokes me for a moment then stops, leaving me panting while he reaches back to the couch to pick up the bowl of ice cream. It’s melted now, each color swirling together like mixed paint. “Feed me,” he whispers, lifting the bowl to me.
My dazed gaze drifts to the bowl. I hesitantly sit up on my elbows and cradle it, watching him curiously as I begin to spoon him the milky leftovers. He accepts a spoonful, then another, groaning in appreciation. He pushes the spoon away when he’s satisfied and I set the bowl down, watching as he brings my hand to his lips. Sucking one finger then the next, he moves slowly from tip to tip, drawing me farther and farther away from our question-and-answer session.
“Ryder,” I breathe.
He closes his lips over my right index finger and sucks, drawing it slowly from his mouth. The mixture of cool and warm coats my skin, and I wonder how I’ll ever enjoy ice cream without Ryder after tonight. “I really want this,” he says. “Us.”
I shut my eyes and he moves in, brushing his lips against mine. “You have us. Right here.”
“Do I?”
My eyes drift open.
He deepens the kiss, murmuring against my mouth. “I’ll never just drive away, Elise Duchamp.”
The words zap me like a stun gun. My voice comes out in a light rasp. Small and breathless. “I’ve hurt people, Ryder.”
He studies me for a moment but doesn’t respond, only deepens his kiss. I cave into him, letting him devour me whole. I don’t know what I can give him. I don’t know if I have anything at all. But I do know that Ryder Jacobson is trouble.
The good kind. 

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What They're Saying

“A moving story of a woman discovering her self-worth.” – Jodi Ellen Malpas, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of THIS MAN

“Brilliant and captivating.” – Rumpled Sheets Book Blog

"The Replacement was about forgiveness, atonement, acceptance and unconditional love. I would whole heartedly recommend it.” – The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog

“This book made my stomach ache and the tears roll. Amazing and worthy of 5+ STARS!” – My E-Literate Obsession Book Blog

Rachael Wade is the Amazon bestselling author of THE PRESERVATION SERIES, LOVE AND RELATIVITY, and the upcoming New Adult sci-fi series, THE KEEPERS TRILOGY. When she's not writing, she's busy going to concerts, watching too many movies, and learning how to protect animals and the environment. She's an avid Brandi Carlile fan and loves all things Tim Burton. Visit her at and, and come chat with her on Twitter @RachaelWade.

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