Monday, February 3, 2014

Review: "Connected by the Sea" by E.L. Todd

Sydney is attending University of Hawaii on Oahu where she's majoring in Marine Biology. She loves her friends, her job, and her school. Since her ex-boyfriend cheated on her six months ago, she hasn't moves onto anybody new yet. When Coen catches her eye, she's immediately attracted to him in a very carnal way. She refused to let herself feel that way because he's a heartbreaker just like her ex was. But when she's called to her professor's office because she's asked to tutor someone, she doesn't realize it's Coen. Will he convince her that he really is boyfriend material or will he turn out just as she suspects?
This is a fabulous book of true love and conflict. When Sydney is cheated on by her boyfriend Aaron her trust in relationships falls apart. After seeing him at a party she notices that her best friend Henry is acting odd. He's getting a little closer, getting upset easily, and it's got her confused as to what is going on. After having it all spelled out for her she realizes she has a problem. When she starts tutoring the one guy she is attracted to she may have more than one problem. How do you handle things without causing pain?
Anyone who's had problems with friends who want more will sympathize with Sydney and what she is going through. She has a heart of gold and it could cost her all that she's ever wanted. The turmoil in this book is heart felt and it leaves a hint of mystery as to what Sydney's past is and who the real Coen will turn out to be. I loved that the story line isn't just given away. There are just enough hints throughout to keep you guessing until the story unfolds.
The characters can drive you a little batty at times. Henry is a genuine friend. He would do absolutely anything for Sydney. Sydney is too blinded by their friendship to feel anything for Henry. She sees how attractive he is and wonders why he doesn't date, but she never puts two and two together. She is a genius when it comes to books but in everyday life she is down right stupefying. Don't get me wrong I love her character, but there were several moments that left me shaking my head.
Coen is almost too good to be true. He's gorgeous, thoughtful, and kind. Has an unheard of romantic side and says things that could make an iceberg melt. So many people have him pegged wrong. The other characters to me fade into the book. They have their moments, but nothing of importance. The real story is the love triangle and how it will all turn out.
I look forward to the next book and finding out more about Sydney and Coen's past and what the future will hold. What will Thanksgiving be like? Is there someone out there for Henry? Will there be a true HEA or will something creep up to ruin it?
Synopsis of next book:
 Connected by the Tide
While Henry accepts Sydney’s love for Coen, he’s still heartbroken over the loss. If he had just said how he felt to begin with, things could have been different. Now it’s a regret he’ll always have.
His home life isn’t perfect either. His sister is lost in her depression, and his brother drowns himself in alcohol. Henry has to stay strong for everyone else. But deep inside, he’s falling apart.
Until Ren…
Deemed a tomboy by her four brothers, Ren is sexy, cool, and smart. As soon as Henry sets eyes on her, he feels a strong attraction to her. The longer they spend time together, the more Henry falls for her. But there’s one problem. Sydney is still in his heart. Can he move on and pursue a relationship when he feels this way? Will he ever get over Sydney? Will Henry find the happily ever after he deserves?
About the Author
E. L. Todd was raised in California where she attended California State University, Stanislaus and received her bachelor’s degree in biological sciences, then continued onto her master’s degree in education. While science is interesting and a hobby, her passion is writing. After writing novels as a small child, her craft grew until she found the confidence to show her closest friends—which is how Only For You, the first installment of the Forever and Always series, and the Soul Saga series began. When she isn’t reading or writing, she is listening to indie rock music. Her current favorite artist is Mumford and Sons, whom she credits most of her inspiration for her novels. She also enjoys running and swimming, as well as working as a high school teacher. She also works as an assistant editor at She has an unusual obsession with dogs, even though she doesn’t own one, and her favorite vacation spot is Disneyland, which she visits several times a year. The most important aspect of her life is her friends, whom contributed so much time and energy into all of her novels. According to E. L. Todd, “Without them, Only For You, Connected by the Sea, and Soul Catcher never would have come to fruition. I am theirs forever.”