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Review & GIVEAWAY: "Eye the Storm" by M. Stratton

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Evie Taylor loves her life in Boston, running her bookstore and café, but an accident has made it so she needs to return home to take care of her grandmother. With extra time on her hands, she decides to start looking for the monster that haunts her best friend’s nightmares. A chain of events starts no one could see coming.
When the last person she ever expects shows up and rings her grandmother’s doorbell she finds herself in the middle of danger. Bound together in a common mission, they’ll search the world looking for answers. But can they find them in time or will they end up paying the ultimate price? As the storm rages around them, they find each other, and the calm in the Eye of the Storm.

In After the Storm we were introduced to Jeremy, the sick man determined on vengeance against Anthony, the man who stole the love of his life. This all brought on the circumstances that left Lexi attacked not just once, but twice. Her crime being her relationship with Anthony.
After Lexi and Noah's wedding, Evie makes a decision. She's tired of seeing her best friend looking over her shoulder, always wondering if Jeremy could be there. She's going to find Jeremy and make him pay. How is she going to do that? With Anthony's help of course.
When Anthony never responds, imagine her surprise when he's renting her grandmother's cottage. As the story keeps turning we find that Jeremy isn't just psycho stalking sick, he's Hannibal Lector/ Son of Sam sick. The more Evie and Anthony work to find him, the more they unfold, and the more dangerous everything becomes.
Everything that Anthony holds dear has been stolen from him. He has only friends as he's afraid to get close to a woman and his family is all dead. What happens when he feels an attraction? If he acts on it, will she be the next victim?
This book spins a web greater than what was in After the Storm. I didn't think it possible, but M. Stratton succeeded. This book will have you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what every door reveals. Feeling the characters frustration over the events out of their control and the attraction they have to fight. The troublesome trio is back and those ladies will leave you in stitches once again. Just when the book starts to get real serious they step in with their antics to spice things up. Stories rarely create all of the elements that this one has.
The description are so spot on you may get a little queasy, but at the same time a little hot. The ending leaves us unsure of what is to come. I'll not reveal it, but wow it's hard to bite my tongue! Let's just say, there's another book! Yay, but please write quickly M. Stratton as I want to know how everything will end. Like Now!
This is a 10 star series and a 5 star book. Why? Because 5+5= 10 and I'm in love with both of the book in this series. The next book to come is Caught in the Storm. There's a little peak of what it's about at the end of the book. It looks to be as amazing as the first two!
                      Meet the Author
M. Stratton is an International Amazon bestselling author in the romantic suspense and mystery suspense categories for her debut novel After the Storm. She is a self-proclaimed dork that loves to make people laugh and can trip over nothing. Her inner rock star is always on stage performing to a sold out crowd but is quiet and shy on the outside.
She lives with her husband and son in Arizona, which is a big difference from where she grew up north of Chicago Illinois. As an only child she learned to tell herself stories to make the long winters go by quicker while dreaming of summer vacations. Now as an adult she still makes up stories to pass the time, but now she writes them down to share with other people. When not writing you can find M. watching football (Go Bears!), NASCAR, or classic movies, watching her husband and father restore classic cars, and seeing who can be sillier, her or her son, and of course reading. Things you don’t know about M. Stratton: 1. She loves the movie Twister… she can say all the lines along with the actors. She will also use those lines in real life as often as possible. 2. Halloween is her favorite holiday. She starts planning months in advance. She has more Halloween decorations than Christmas. 3. She once made up a monologue about her love of chocolate chip cookie dough for her high school drama class. 4. There are times she thinks she is so funny she has tears running down her face while laughing at herself. 5. M. can play the clarinet but is in awe of anyone who can play the guitar, piano or drums, pretty much anything where your hands have to do two different things at the same time. 6. Cary Grant is her favorite actor. When she was in high school after Cary Grant died one of the cable stations ran a marathon, she watched his movies from 6 in the morning all day and night until 4 AM the next day. 7. Reading has always been an escape for her. She can devour a book in hours. When she moved in with her husband she literally donated over 1,000 books and saved over 1,000 for herself. She can reread books over and over again if she loves them. There are some that she has reread about once a year for the past 20 years. 8. She eloped after knowing her husband for only two months in 2006. They are still married over seven years later. Social Links
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