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Review: "Compromising" by C.C. Brown


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Sgt. Alex Cruz took the risk of his life when he pursued and established a relationship with Pfc. Cassie Bennett. Their secret was blown wide open by one life-altering event, leaving their futures in jeopardy.
Escaping the shadows of Marine Corps orders should have been a sigh of relief, but quickly turns into their biggest challenge yet. Alex and Cassie must learn to navigate the road blocks thrown their way, while also figuring out how to function as a couple.
They know what they want, but not always how to attain it. Life will test their love and their resolve, proving that their only option is to learn the art of compromising.

Srgt. Alex Cruz and Pfc. Cassie Bennet knew what they were doing when they became involved. It was a clear cut case of fraternization. With the attack on Cassie everything is now out in the open. The court martial is imminent and there seems to be no reprieve in sight. This is quickly turning into a personal vendetta, but it's one that no one can find the culprit for.
Who is the tattler? As Cassie and Alex look to their friends and enemies they aren't sure where the alliances are. Sometimes the most trusted person turns on you. Can their relationship tolerate the volatile turn of events? As they find out their charges, they also find out not everything is what meets the eye.
This is a story of reactions to actions. When letting our desires overpower us it sometimes leads us to our own descension. Will Alex and Cassie make it together? Can they stay a united front and even if they do will the Marines still find a way to separate them?
This book is wrought with turmoil. As Cassie and Alex navigate the Marine Corps, their future, and their still budding relationship. They may be engaged, but they still haven't known each other long. Can they both compromise enough to make their relationship what they both want it to be? The past will come back to haunt them repeatedly and the people they expect to be on their side may be the ones who break them.
I was surprised at the length of this book. It is truly a novel length. There are so many events that happen and it leaves you wondering when one of them will crack under the pressure. There are plenty of apologies to be made, but not always enough offered. This book had me glued to it. It weaved a story leaving me always wondering who or what would be the next step in the web and if it were as finely tuned as it seemed.
This is a 5 star book that leaves you with a complete and thorough ending. We know where all our couples end and what becomes of them. Justice will prevail, but not always the way you imagine.
From Fraternizing to Compromising, it's a story that will leave you yelling Ooyah!

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Just a book reading, writing loving, mommy and USMC wife! :)
I love to write, even if it isn't what is conventional and makes everyone feel giddy inside. I usually pull from dreams, or ideas that just thrust themselves into my head. I have what some would describe as a dry sense of humor, and I think its conveyed in my writing. I like to think I am a kick ass chick, but I can also be sensitive. I'm learning to grow thick skin, and in this field, it is definitely needed!
I won't put anything out that I am not absolutely proud of, but like E.L. James said, "I can't own people's reactions to it." Thanks for reading my work... I do appreciate it!

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