Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Review & GIVEAWAY: "Bastard's Brew" by Gillian Felix

Synopsis for Bastard's Brew
When L'Wren's ex-boyfriend Jeff suddenly disappears, she turns to Kevin to help her find him. With one phone call, Kevin makes sure that Jeff stays hidden and that L'Wren's heart is broken, leaving the door open for Kevin to pursue her. But Kevin is not as free as L'Wren thinks; she is in the dark about his affair with her stepmother, Savi. Savi constantly reminds Kevin of his devious ways and uses their secret to keep him as her toyfriend.
“You don’t deserve to be loved, and you don’t deserve to be happy. You and I are the same … we’re broken inside. Everything we touch, we destroy. We don’t get happily ever after … we don’t get to ride off into the sunset. You know who gets that? L’Wren … she gets it, she gets the guy, and she deserves a decent guy.”- Savi
Kevin desires to be the man that L'Wren deserves, but before he can assume the role of white knight, he brews one last plan to get rid of Savi for good. Will L'Wren, the innocent victim in their twisted game, become a casualty?
Kevin may have sold his body to the devil in stilettos, but he'd be damned if he let her have his heart.
Suitable for adults 18+


 This series makes it so easy to be hooked. The DaCosta's and the Banovic's are fully engrossed in their drama along with our favorite supporting characters. Believe me when I say drama, I actually mean Drama with a capitol D.
Kevin is so very interested in L'Wren, but how can he get rid of Savi and does he actually deserve to? Haze and Adriana are falling more in love, but both are keeping secrets that could ruin all. As for Zac? His siblings make him look like he has a halo on. Especially now that he has the girl he's always wanted.

This book is full of secrets. Some come out, others slip through the cracks. Be prepared for some shocking twists. There are some dirty players in these games and some people have everything to lose. I love how the story is written. The pace stays active through out the whole book and has you living inside the pages instantly. If your a fan of soap operas this series will be an instant favorite for you. If you like drama these books have it all. Do you like spoiled beautiful people? Your in luck! There's a little something for most everyone in these books. The only probably with them is I'm addicted and I want to know what happens.

It's an amazing series full of the young and gorgeous, popular and shunned, innocent and devious. Every book has been a 5 star thus far and this book is no different. Sit back and hang with the famous and nameless.
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Kevin stared at the computer screen, pondering his fate with L’Wren. Did Savi tell her about their affair? Would he ever hear from her again? Did she hate him? It killed him thinking that she’d hate him for his indiscretions with her stepmother. Maybe it’d be best if she found out now, before she got too involved, he told himself. Maybe he should be the one to tell her. There was a knock on his office door, and Dwayne the bartender stuck his neck in.
“You have a visitor,” he announced.
Kevin took a deep breath and wondered if L’Wren had come to cuss him out. He nodded at Dwayne. Might as well get it over with, he told himself and stood up behind his desk.
Savi strutted proudly into Kevin’s office. “Hello, lover,” she purred, then pulled him in for a kiss and a nice, firm grope of his ass. “Miss me?”
He backed away from her.
Savi knew things had changed; she saw the way he looked at L’Wren, and knew she’d have to work twice as hard to get him back to where they left off.
“What’s going on with you and L’Wren?” She took a seat on the couch where they’d ravaged each other so many times in the last few months.
“Nothing.” Kevin sat behind his desk, relieved that Savi was a safe distance away. “I’m kind of busy right now.”
“Nothing? Is that why she was grinning like a hyena after you left?”
“What did she tell you?”
“What is there to tell?” Savi studied him.
“I don’t have time for games, Savi. I have work to do. The pub is closed. If you want a drink, come back later.” He dismissed her and pretended to look busy.
“Whatever you have with L’Wren, cut it out now. L’Wren is not like me. She’s delicate and trusting, and I don’t want you playing around on her,” Savi stated crisply.
Kevin wondered if Savi was really protective or was this her way of marking her territory.
“Did you tell her about us?”
“Why would I do that?”
“Look, Savi, I like L’Wren. I’m not gonna play around on her,” Kevin stated boldly.
Savi closed her eyes and absorbed his words, then took a deep breath.
Her silence made him uncomfortable. Was she falling for him? Did their fun and games turn serious for her? He joined her on the couch.
“Savi, I don’t want to hurt you, but this thing with us has to end,” he said tenderly.
“Don’t come around my house again.” Her voice was icy.
Kevin was ready to agree to anything to get out of their affair. “Fine.”
“That doesn’t mean I want you for my stepdaughter.” She looked at him seriously. “You’re a drug dealer, this pub is a front, and I don’t want you around my girls.”
“I’ll never do anything to hurt them,” Kevin said.
“You’re not a nice person, Kevin. You use people, and you hurt them. The friends you have are only around you because they are afraid of you. Nobody likes you, and nobody wants to be around you. It’s only a matter of time before L’Wren realizes that. You can’t hide who you really are. You’re a monster.”
Savi’s words sliced into Kevin’s core.
“You don’t deserve to be loved, and you don’t deserve to be happy. You and I are the same … we’re broken inside. Everything we touch, we destroy. We don’t get happily ever after … we don’t get to ride off into the sunset. You know who gets that? L’Wren … she gets it, she gets the guy, and she deserves a decent guy.” Savi saw the hurt in his eyes and knew that he liked L’Wren more than he was letting on. Kevin was all she had, and she had no intention of letting him go.
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