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Blog Tour Review & Giveaway: "Fragile Bonds" by Sloan Johnson

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"Without trust, we have nothing."
These are the words which have haunted Melanie Erickson for six years. When she walked out of the house Xavier Ross bought as their forever home, she thought she was closing that door permanently, but fate had other plans.
Xavier Ross tried to keep everyone at a distance until Melanie came into his life. The more he tried to fight his feelings for her, the more he fell in love. One rash decision fractured the trust that was essential to their relationship.
Six years later, she is the last person he expects to see walk through his front door. Will Xavier and Mel be able to learn to trust one another again so they can fulfill a dying woman’s wish?
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If you had to work for the only man you loved and his dying wife could you do it? Could you return to the house he bought for you? Could you look at everything you picked out knowing nothing had changed in the home?
When Melanie shows up at Xavier's home these are the question she has to answer. They aren't easy to answer either. Melanie has tried getting over Xavier and as she takes care of his wife she finds she didn't do that well of a job. The chemistry is there, but so is her new friendship with his wife.
Xavier somewhat drove me batty.  He gave up on their relationship over her going to an adult party.  Just because she went didn't mean she did anything and while she lied about going, it seemed more like a lie of omission.  He's quick to jump to conclusions and doesn't think things through. Though when he does think he tends to over do it.  He's hung up on other peoples opinions rather than what would make him happy and what's best for his son.
Melanie is a caring person who is somewhat gullible.  She wants to see the best in everyone and it makes it easy for her to be mislead.  She's just the special type of person that is needed during the Ross families time of need.  She loves fully and give her all to those she cares for.  That's what has made her so good at her job.
This story was interesting in how the relationships and friendships built up.  You have a very sick woman befriending the woman she's hated for years.  Then there are the star crossed lovers who wonder what might have been.  There's an ailing wife wanting to set up her husband and son with a life when she's gone so she'll know they are in good hands. There are even more, but you get it. There are many relationships. This book has many layers.
The way Melanie interacts with Xavier's boy is precious. He is absolutely adorable.  The scene when the wife dies had me in tears. Of course, it wasn't the only scene that did. This is an emotional read about love, loss, trust, fear, and betrayal.
This story is 4 stars and an easy enjoyable read for an afternoon to yourself.
The flow is perfect and the story unfolds with many surprises.
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Sloan is a Midwestern mom who began writing nearly seven years ago as a way to make money while staying home with her daughter. Now, with two kids in tow and having written more articles on how to assemble various pieces of furniture than she can count, she is reaching to make her dreams come true.
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