Monday, June 30, 2014

Promo Tour Review: "Falling Stars" by J.L. Brooks

We are so excited for this Promo Event for J.L Brooks' Falling Stars Volume #1.

Drugs, Sex, & EDM

It had all the makings of a perfect plot, and for bestselling author Lila Keaton-it was a hedonistic past she kept hidden far away. Many nights were spent crossing the velvet rope, dancing until dawn and bedding one of the worlds biggest DJ’s, Hunter Michaels AKA Arial Assault. 

When Lila’s agent uncovers her thrilling secret, it appears as if nothing is off limits when it comes to pitching the story, whether Lila wants to tell it or not. Despite knowing her reluctance is career suicide, she cannot bring herself to open her heart once more to the man who nearly destroyed it. 

Given the opportunity to escape her predicament, Hunter attempts to reconcile the pain he has caused, and rekindle the passion that was abandoned long ago. When a series of events causes history to repeat itself, Lila sets off unaccompanied through out the west to test her boundaries with the sensual and surreal, and ultimately come face to face with the only thing that can keep her from falling.


 Lila is a best selling author with a wild side. It's a side that she hasn't let loose in quite a while. She write erotica, but doesn't allow herself to live it. After taking a risk and writing a book that was different from the rest she finds that her readers fell in love with this book, The Little Traveler. The problem is the book took her creative need from her and she no longer has the urge to write. When her publishes gets nosy she finds the perfect thing for Lila to write about. Lila won't sell her soul to make her publisher happy and that sets a course that brings her past to the present and possibly her future.
The interactions between Hunter and Lila were heartfelt, but truly he's a bastard. There is a reason things ended the way they did when they were young and he didn't contact Lila.  Of course, old habits die hard and when love has been felt, it's hard to let go. He sets Lila on a course looking to free herself from the restraints she has unknowingly placed.
Lila is seriously confused in every aspect of her life and finds herself at the crossroads. She is such a strong character though. She feels emotions deeply, but can't let them out. This has closed her off from everything and most everyone, especially the opposite sex. It mostly stems from never getting over Hunter and the betrayal.
Lila goes through an enormous amount in a very short time. I'm in love with Grant and with every extra bit of info we find out about him I fall a little for him. Seriously....Just WOW!  There are some very steamy scenes in this book. Have ice cold water handy. Let's just say our girl Lila is a little kinky and loves a good romp. I could have fell for Lorenzo, but now I have suspicions.
The ending was not what I was expecting at all. It's a total cliff-hanger that will leave you cussing a blue streak. Not just because of the cliff-hanger either. Sneaky bastards and their devious ways. I am ready to see what it's all about now. Alas, I don't know when the next book is due out.
This is a complete 5 star book. It's full of finding one's own journey in life. It's taking risks and accepting the consequences. It's accepting the let downs along with the strength you gain from them. J.L. Brooks has a wonderful start to what could become a fantastic series in this book.


JL Brooks is a former columnist turned novelist. What started as a bet changed her entire course in life. With a passion for adventure, she believes everyone has a story to tell. 

Chances are she will try to convince you to tell yours. 


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