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Review & Giveaway: My Noble Knight by Laurel O'Donnell


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My Noble Knight by Laurel O'Donnell
Publication Date: October 10, 2014
Tour: My Noble Knight by Laurel O’Donnell
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 Layne Fletcher, the only girl in a family of three boys, has grown up learning to use a sword and joust, but she is not a knight. She and her brothers have been traveling from tourney to tourney to make enough coin to buy their own farm to shelter their ailing father. When her brother is found unconscious, Layne takes his place on the jousting field against... Griffin Wolfe, the undefeated jousting champion. When he is unhorsed by a slip of a woman who is not a knight, he demands retribution. His honor will not allow him to let a woman be thrown in the dungeon and he has no choice but to pay her fine, ordering her to travel with him until her brothers can repay him. He attempts to educate her in the art of being a woman, but finds he is attracted to her exciting personality and uncommon beauty despite her less then lady like ways. But someone is trying to sabotage Griffin. Can Layne and Griffin discover who the culprit is while keeping their families safe and their growing attraction secret?
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Some women are born before their time. This couldn't be more true for Layne Fletcher. She is a young woman surrounded by males. Currently living with her three brothers traveling in the jousting circuit her life is anything, but fragile. She loves sword play, watching the joust, and knows them both inside and out. When her brother is injured and can not compete her more wild side comes out. She pretends to be her brother and gets caught. A woman playing a knight is dangerous business, especially when your the only person to unhorse the best knight in the circuit.
Griffin has to prove his worth and does so by living the jousting circuit for two years. He's the best of the best, the man to be beat. When it finally happens and it's a woman, he see red. He wants vengeance. That is until he sees the woman who beat him. The same woman who took his interest earlier in the day. When his mouth goes before his brain, he puts them in a precarious situation. How will he keep from giving in to his body.
This story has some wonderful facets to it. It's a book that gets more interesting as it goes and it hooks you from the beginning. I fell in love with Layne's character. She's so free spirited and not what women of the day were to be like. She's comfortable in who she has become. Griffin can be a cad. At the same time a knight in shining armor, both literally and figuratively. His gruff exterior is to keep up appearances, but he lets that mask slip with Layne and the real man behind the knight and bloodline comes out.
This book is a great example of a 5 star historical read. It's true to the time period when a kiss is scandalous and women swooned. The characters all interesting and fun to read about. I can't wait to see who's book is next. The ending left a smile on my face. This is a great beginning to what will no doubt be an amazing series.




The sun hid behind large white clouds as if afraid to witness the spectacle below.
Griffin stared down the field of honor at Osmont. His visor was up and he watched with an unsettling calm while Osmont lifted his hands to get the crowd to cheer for him. Griffin heard the cheers and the chants of Osmont’s name, but he paid them no heed.
The commander at arms had just finished announcing the start of the joust and he was walking out of the field.
Griffin waited patiently. A strange calm settled over him.
Osmont turned a sneer to Griffin and pointed down the field at him.
The only image Griffin could see was Osmont hitting Layne in the head with his sword. He quickly pushed the thought from his mind and replaced it with a flash of Osmont flying from his horse as his lance struck him hard in the stomach.
Carlton handed the lance to Griffin. Griffin lowered his visor and took the lance, holding it raised for a long moment. He glared down the list at Osmont. There would be no doubt of the consequences of his actions. He would not win this joust. He spurred Adonis. Adonis needed little encouragement. His horse seemed almost as hungry for this joust as he was. Griffin lowered the lance. He would need only one pass. He planned to take Osmont out so quickly there was no doubt.
Adonis thundered down the field of honor. Griffin’s body moved with his steed, one with the animal. His grip tightened in preparation for the impact. One pass. One pass.
He leaned forward slightly, concentrating.
He felt the glancing blow. Osmont was not going to make this easy.
It all happened in slow motion. Griffin instinctively corrected for the blow he was taking and lunged forward with his own lance, throwing Osmont’s aim off.



About Laurel O'Donnell:

Laurel O’Donnell has won numerous awards for her works, including the Holt Medallion for A Knight of Honor, the Happily Ever After contest for Angel’s Assassin, and the Indiana’s Golden Opportunity contest for Immortal Death. The Angel and the Prince was nominated by the Romance Writers of America for their prestigious Golden Heart award. O’Donnell lives in Illinois with her four cherished children, her beloved husband and her five cats. She finds precious time every day to escape into the medieval world and bring her characters to life in her writing.