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Review & Giveaway: "When the Perfect Comes" by Susan Ward





 Lady Meredith Ann Merrick does not want to be tamed by a man. Varian Morgan is a man no woman can resist. Thrown together on a ship, will Varian’s charms conquer Meredith’s love of freedom? Meredith is born at time when women have but two choices: marry or face social ruin. Determined to master her own fate when her father concocts a devious plan to force her into marriage; she takes matters into her own hands. She embarks on a foolhardy adventure to free herself from an impending marriage contract, only to find herself trapped by the mysterious and beguiling Varian Morgan. Varian Morgan is a man of myth and legend. Known as much for his exploits with women, as for his for his piracy on the high seas; a vexing young girl, taken hostage in Cornwall, is no challenge for his prowess. When it becomes clear that she is hiding something from him, it only makes him more determined to ignore his desires and withhold from her the pleasures of his bed. Trapped on a ship of men, the last thing Meredith anticipated was days at the mercy of a vile pirate crew and nights yearning for its captain. When fierce arguments give way to fiery passion, is desire enough to make a girl determined to remain free of men, be willing captive in the bed of a sinister pirate, who is a master of seduction?


Meredith, or Merry as most call her, is a woman before her time. She is gently born and into a family of the ton. She does not care to fall in line with tradition though. She has caused any number of scandals ridding herself of most bachelors who cared to try and tame her. She has one left to be rid of and he isn't going away as she wishes. Rensdale has been courting Merry for two years. She detests the man, but now her father has put into motion things she never thought he would. When she hatches a plan to save her fate things go awry.

A wild woman with high morals on a pirate ship, a captain that is gorgeous as an angel and scandalous as the devil, and a boy that has been through torment. They all make for an odd match, but come together for a torturous love tangle. The passion that flows from Merry is matched by Morgan. Though Morgan is many things, he isn't uncaring. Many think him ruthless, but he puts Merry above all else without realizing it. These characters are constantly learning new things about themselves and are always evolving.

Morgan is character that you love to hate and hate to love. At every turn when I started to think things were going to change they did, but not the way I was expecting. Merry is high strung and in an awkward situation. She remains true to herself and what she wants though throughout the entire book. She's smart, brazen, and beautiful which is a hazardous combo to a woman of the time period and her standing. There are many interesting characters, those you'll love and others you'd like to see go overboard. The story evolves slowly, but with so many events that you won't be able to put the book down. At the end, I was wishing the next book were already in hand.

 There is so much left unresolved and I truly hope that some of it comes about during the next book. There are three books to the series and all will come out quickly, thank goodness. I recommend this book to those who love historical romance. This book stays true to the time period. It's a beautiful and tortured read. Don't expect the main characters to fall madly in love and be so throughout the book. This book isn't like that, this is a book of falling slowly and never knowing how or when it happened.



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I'm addicted to writing. I've written 26 romance novels in 25 years, but I just started releasing them in May 2014 because frankly there are some things inside them I wasn't sure I wanted my daughters to read. The nest is empty, my girls all grown, so now I'm letting loose. I believe in the adage; Don't judge a book by it's cover! Definitely the case with The Girl on the Half Shell. Perfect looking lives are not perfect. We all have our own challenges to overcome! It's a theme in the books I've written and I cover a wide range of contemporary issues in stories ranging from raw and steamy, to gut wrenching, to happy happily ever after. My first release The Girl on the Half Shell is my most intense novel, the first in the Half Shell Series and the one I had to wait until I had no kids at home to release. My Perfect Forever Series is definitely happy happily ever after! The first in this line of books was released June 2014 with The Signature. My soon to be released first novella of the Encounters books, are short, steamy, and fun reads. And in September I'm starting to release my first in The Deverell Series with When the Perfect Comes, a fast paced, plot twisting historical! I've been in love with the Romance novel since I read my first Kathleen Woodiwiss book, and it seems to me that beyond a steamy fun read, a good romance novel is so much more: it's women empowering women. We share. We learn. So about me? I'm as eclectic as my books. A mom. A business owner. A writer of romance. An advocate for clean air and the environment. A wife and an animal lover. The best way to explain me is that once in a talent contest I played classical piano followed by a chopsticks duet with my toes. That pretty much sums up how I've lived my life!

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