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Review & Giveaway: "My Beloved" by Eden Butler

Title: My Beloved (Thin Love novella, #1.5)
Author: Eden Butler
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: December 8, 2014


Keira Riley was the girl Kona Hale loved first, the woman he wants to love last. They’ve battled addiction, forgiven betrayal and healed from heartache, coming through it all bruised but hopeful that their future will be limitless.

Kona Hale was a blinding flame that Keira Riley gladly burned inside—his touch, his kiss, his overwhelming love, all made her dizzy, desperate and desired, made her believe in a love worth bleeding for, a love that ignites the heart with an unquenchable flame. But when you fall in love with an NFL darling who can’t seem to let go of the spotlight, sometimes even that flame can be gutted by the buffeting winds of opportunity, can be lost behind the brilliant flash of fame.

As Keira and Kona get caught up in plans for an extravagant march down the aisle, the hard won sanctuary they've found in each other's arms begins to erode. Will they be able to see through all the beckoning glitz and glamour to what they have worked so hard to build together, or will their love be lost in the spotlight?

MY BELOVED is a novella set prior to the THIN LOVE epilogue.


Kona and Keira are finally getting least we hope they are. The beginning of the story foreshadows the events that happen in the book. Ever surrounded by drama, the couple can't even manage a weekend without starting on the wrong foot. They are set out for what looks like the wedding of the century. The little island town is set for their king, Kona. There's paparazzi popping up everywhere, assumptions being made, and tension. There's lots and lots of tension.

As the emotions escalate and surprises keep being brought to light Keira feels like she's being pushed into the shadows. It's her big day and she's the least of the focus. Past hurts come back to the forefront and are hard to overcome. This couple has always known how to make up and forgive, though it's hard to forget.

I liked that this novella gave a look into the time that was skipped in the first book of the series. I absolutely fell in love with this couple in Thin Love. It was a story that touched me unlike many books have and left me with a huge book hangover and hangup on Kona. He's a character that you love and want to throttle at the same time. Believe me when I say he's no different in this book.

The Epilogue was wonderful! It is probably my favorite part of the book. Your in for some surprises and the way they come about leaves you with your jaw dropped. Eden Summers did a fantastic job with this novella and bringing all the insecurities, hopes, and fears front and center in the book. I can't wait to read Ransom's story. The snippet looks like it will be no less emotional that his parents story.

My Beloved - Excerpt

“Wildcat, they don’t care.” He pulled at her chin when she jerked away from his kiss. “They’ll be so fucking jealous that I’m up here with you and this tight body, doing things to you that should be illegal.”
“No, they’ll tease me and talk about me behind my back anytime they are around me.”
“And? That’s what family does.” Kona slid closer, moving his hand off Keira’s wrist and down her thigh until he grabbed the swell of her ass. “Family teases.” Kona pulled her leg over his hip and Keira closed her eyes, relishing the hard outline of his dick as he moved against her. “Family rides you hard sometimes,” he said, moving his hips down, so that thick, hot outline met the wet heat between her legs. The smile left his face and he looked down at her, eyebrows up as though surprised. “You wet for me, baby? Already? I’m barely touching you.”
Keira grabbed Kona’s face, directing him to her lips. “Stop talking, jackass.” Then a low grunt left Keira’s throat when Kona cupped her, slipping his fingers under her panties to barely touch her, fingertips light on her wet skin. “Not…not fair.”
“Stop calling me a jackass.” He got two fingers inside her and then Kona took over the kiss. He tugged and pulled, his movements a little sloppy, a bit addled by the beer, but even Kona comatose would know how to touch Keira, could keep her silent and busy with the slightest touch. “You still want me? Just me? You still my girl, Wildcat?”
Keira kissed him deeper, let her tongue rub against his. Kona always did this when he drank. Those tiny little insecurities surfaced with just a few drinks, but Keira never minded it. She thought it was sweet, that after all this time, Kona still needed reassurances.
“Only yours, bebe.” 
The noise that came from his throat was primal, deep and Kona moved his fingers faster, hit deeper inside her. “Then open up for me. Take all of me, baby.”
He didn’t have to ask twice.
Kona wasn’t drunk, just buzzed enough that his movements became eager, aggressive and Keira loved it. He was all male and muscle, sweat and heat when he was like this. Every grab he made on her, every hasty tug against her nipples, on her hair, just made Keira wetter, wanting Kona just like this, raw and anxious and so damn desperate to be inside her.
She barely had his shorts down and her shirt tossed on the floor before Kona was inside her, hands on her hips, eyes down as he watched their bodies coming together. “I fucking love this, baby. The way you wrap around me, how hot you make my dick feel when I’m inside you.” Keira squeezed around him, trying to hold him still inside her and Kona closed his eyes, twisting his head as though he could only just manage the sensation of her body. “Fuck, I love you.”
“Show me.”
Then Keira couldn’t speak, could barely breathe as Kona moved his hands under her, cupping her butt to push harder into her. It wouldn’t be long, but Keira didn’t care. Buzzed sex was still amazing sex with Kona and she held onto him, relaxing her center, widening her muscles so Kona went deep, so she could feel every demanding stroke, every urgent thrust.
She watched his shoulders tremble, the wide, beautiful expanse of bone and muscle silhouetted against the moonlight coming through the glass door and Keira touched his face, slowing Kona’s movements until he leaned his forehead against hers, his breath heavy on her skin. “I’m not gonna pull out. I can’t. This is too good, baby. You feel too good and I want you to feel everything I’m giving you.”
Keira didn’t care about being cautious. She would marry Kona at the end of the week and she could think of worse things than having another of his babies. Right then, all she wanted was his hot breath on her mouth, his tight, hard grip against her hips and the delicious sensation of her core clenching, humming her closer and closer toward climax.
“Do it,” she told him, drunk on his touch, on the taste and feel of it. “Oh God, Kona…harder, please.”
            He always did what she asked, especially when she said please. And he obeyed, just then, working harder, faster to bring her over the edge of oblivion, chasing after her to his just seconds later.
Afterwards, they lay silent, content for minutes, it could have been hours, turned toward each other, fingers against damp skin, breath mingling. Keira wanted this to last, to run from anything that would take them from that moment.
“You were mad today, weren’t you?”
She hadn’t expected his question, thought it was odd that Kona was mentioning their arrival after the past half hour that should have left them blissful and ignorant to anything but the touch of skin on skin.
“I don’t like photographers.”
“Baby, no one likes those assholes.” He lifted on his elbow, moving Keira’s hair off her forehead. “I know you hate all that shit.”
“I have to deal with it. It’s your world. I’m a part of that now, right?”
“No. You are my world. All that other stuff is business, it’s work. You’re my home, baby. You’re all that matters.”
“I’ll adjust.”
“I don’t want you adjusting.” Kona pulled her so close that their hips met and he could wrap his massive, tattooed arm around her waist. “I want you happy. I want to make you happy.”
“You do, sweetie. I am happy.”
“You’d tell if you weren’t, right?”
Keira had seen Kona with his family that afternoon. She’d heard how loud and easy his laughter was, how he seemed settled, at peace. She didn’t care about photographers or resorts or a big wedding full of people she didn’t know. But this place, this island centered him, filled him up and the people Kona loved most wanted to celebrate with them. They wanted to honor the life they’d started together all those years before; the life that Keira once thought she would never have with Kona.
She watched his features, the low slope of his nose, the way his full lips bent behind his teeth, as though he expected her to disappoint him, to tell him to forget everything he’d been planning the past two days. But she couldn’t do it. She wouldn’t take this from him.
“I’d tell you if I wasn’t happy, Kona.” She kissed him, felt his body relax as she deepened the kiss. “You make me happy. You always have.”  Keira felt those large, long fingers tighten on her waist, that massive hand slip low on her back and she inhaled, smiling against Kona’s mouth at the smell of his skin and sound of his pleased moan.

“I’ll keep you happy, Wildcat.” He rolled on top of her, ready for her once again, pushing her legs apart with his knee. “Let me show you how.” 

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♥ About Eden ♥

Eden Butler is an editor and writer of New Adult Romance and SciFi and Fantasy novels and the nine-times great-granddaughter of an honest-to-God English pirate. This could explain her affinity for rule breaking and rum. Her debut novel, a New Adult, Contemporary (no cliffie) Romance, “Chasing Serenity” launched in October 2013 and quickly became an Amazon bestseller.

When she’s not writing or wondering about her possibly Jack Sparrowesque ancestor, Eden edits, reads and spends way too much time watching rugby, Doctor Who and New Orleans Saints football. 

She is currently imprisoned under teenage rule alongside her husband in southeast Louisiana. 

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