Monday, February 23, 2015

Review: "EAST" by Lizzy Ford


The past is waiting.

Josie Jackson has been thrown back to the era of the Mongol Empire by Carter, the mastermind behind her trip to the Old West. Soon after arriving, she’s discovered by Carter’s enemies. They sever her connection to her handler, leaving her no choice but to obey them – or risk never making it home.

She completes the mission they assign her, only to have her hope of seeing her family and time again crushed. Her new handlers have stranded her in the past - alone, friendless and with no empathic memory chip to help her navigate the dangerous politics of an Empire at war.

When a Mongol warrior named Batu becomes her protector and guide, she can't decide if she's better off with him or alone. Strong, brave, loyal and quick to both laugh and kill, Batu and his world initially baffle her. With nowhere else to turn and no other option, Josie takes a chance to find happiness in the beautiful yet dangerous steppes of thirteenth century Mongolia.



The end of WEST literally ripped my heart out. I will never get over Taylor. Now East has happened. Ladies be prepared. I don't know who Carter is, but when I found out...

In this book Josie ends up in Mongolia. At the beginning it is the time of Genghis Khan, but then somehow Carter gets involved. She wakes decades later and now has her own guardian, Batu. He's a fierce warrior and though he's her guardian there are many times I wondered if she'd end up alive.

As the book goes on and Josie starts to accept her fate their relationship changes. As much as she isn't over Taylor she knows she can't survive without Batu. Their story isn't an easy one, though it's nothing like she experiences in WEST. This is a different time and different place. The customs take getting used to.

When secrets come out Josie has another difficult decision to make. It's one that will stop your heart again. This is another book where your going to need the tissues ladies. I was left with heart ache, fury, and I'm really impatiently waiting for the next book. Thank goodness Lizzy is a mad woman and can knock books out like crazy. Please let this be the top of the list!!!

Don't miss this book or this series. It's mysterious, it's magical, and yes a bit gut wrenching. It's all that and a bit of nail biting. Without a doubt I definitely recommend this book.