Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Review: "Hot Dare" by Avery Flynn

Hot Dare  (Dare to Love #1) 

by Avery Flynn (Goodreads Author)  

 Hell is a Miami Thunder fan cruise to the Bahamas—at least, that’s how Colt “45” Butler sees it. But with his job as the team’s starting linebacker in question, he’s willing to do whatever it takes to prove he’s a team player. Plus, the prospect of having his one-night Vegas fling, Angie Diaz, as his VIP liaison for the cruise just might make the whole ordeal tolerable. All he needs it to get her back in his bed for some Vegas-rules fun on the high seas. 

Cheap wine and expensive ice cream, that’s how anyone fool enough to get involved with a Thunder football player always drowns their sorrows after getting dumped. Angie Diaz isn’t about to become one of the many. Mixing business and pleasure with Colt is one dare her heart can’t afford to take.


This book is part of the Dare Worlds.

A weekend in Vegas is supposed to stay in Vegas. What happens though when the people involved need each other when their careers are at a crucial point? That's what Angie and Colt are finding out. They spent some passionate moments together and now when everything needs to be professional they need to put aside their chemistry. 

Angie's job is teetering with a possible promotion. She wants the promotion more than anything. Colt is aging and has a back-up that wants his position permanently. He's healed, but needs public opinion on his side. This cruise could make all the difference for both of them. They could mess things up for each other if they get involved. No one knows they already have a history.

This book is certainly steamy, but at times confusing. There are moments that left me scratching my head. It's a good story that's fast paced. I'd like to see a longer version of this book that included their stay in Vegas. I think it would make the confusing moments clearer. The story is a good fit for the series and I like the characters. Angie is brains and beauty mixed. Colt is mostly a conundrum, but mostly likeable. At about novella length, it's a good read.