Tuesday, February 3, 2015

REVIEW: "Rough Rider" by Victoria Vane

Dirk is a rough rider, always craving the exhilaration that comes on a bucking bull. Unlike most of the bull riders, Dirk is a genuine good man. He doesn't womanize and tries not to raise to much hell. He's just the man of Janice's dreams. The problem with that scenario would be the Rodeo Queen and Dirk's longtime girlfriend Rachel. Sometimes opportunities arise, sometimes the wrong decisions are made, and once a blue moon there's a second chance to be had.

 He was at the top, had his rodeo queen, and it didn't look like he would ever slow down. Janice was always watching in the shadows. She was the good girl, one of the guys, and for once she wanted to have what she wanted. When she got her chance she took it. It left her with a mess and a bit of heart break. When she returns to her hometown things have changed, but stayed the same. Dirk is one thing that has really changed. He's returned from battle feeling less a man, with something to prove. As the two reconnect Dirk finds there is a chance for him to find part of what he lost.

If you read Slow Hand then you know a little about Dirk. If you haven't read it yet, then I suggest you do. You won't be tremendously out of the loop, but it helps to give you more back story about what is going on at the ranch. I love how Victoria Vane writes her stories. The events flow smoothly and it's dual point of view so you can see both people's emotions and get a greater depth to the book. If you like books about cowboys, second chances, and romance then this is a definite must read for you.